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Converting parsecs to Mega-parsecs

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    I am doing a lab and it asks me to figure the distance of an object in pc (parsecs) and then it asks to figure the distance of the same object in Mpc (Mega-parsecs).

    *I know that D= 10^((m-M+5)/5) <---will this get me Distance in pc?
    If it does than I think I did this right.
    D= 10^((14.62- -22+5)/5)= 10^(41.62/5)= 10^8.324

    Now I just need to know how to convert parsecs into Mpc. My teacher has not gone over this in class.

    Can anyone help me? If so, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    Mega means a million. A megaparsec is a million parsecs. To get the number of megaparsecs divide the number od parsecs by a million.
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