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Copies of the SIR6 gene help reverse aging

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    So would more copies of the SIR6 gene help reverse aging or anything like that if it's possible that deletion of the SIR6 gene speeds up aging a large amount? How dangerous would it be to have more copies of the SIR6 gene?

    If the mitochondrial theory of aging is correct, is there a way to counteract the potential effects of the decay in mtDNA? What ways would there be to do that?
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    This is an experimental question, no one can answer it unless that experiment has been done and someone here happens to know about it. Though, I suspect there must be some reason to think this gene would do something like that, otherwise you would not have mentioned it. Perhaps, if you provided us with some more context for your question (like where you heard of this gene) people might be able to be more helpful.
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    FWIW Sir6 seems to be a clonal cell line and not a gene.
    You will need to post a reference to what you are referring to.

    EDIT: Here is a reference to SIR6
    J. Biol. Chem., Vol. 279, Issue 3, 2053-2062, January 16, 2004

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