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Courses to be taken for becoming a drilling engineer

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    I have completed my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and will be joining for my masters degree in mechanical engineering shortly. I am planning to become a drilling engineer in the petroleum industry. So in order to achieve my goal, what are the recommended courses that i should consider during my masters. Please understand my situation that My university do not offer petroleum engineering thats why am doing my masters also in Mechanical Engineering.

    Some of the courses included in my course curriculum are as follows:(Obviously those am interested in:smile::smile:)

    Advanced heat transfer
    Operations research
    Advanced engineering analysis(Finite element analysis)
    Advanced material science
    Fracture and fatigue of solids
    Computer aided software engineering
    Mechanical Design
    Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
    Optimization of thermal systems
    Manufacturing analysis
    Statistical Decision making
    Finite element analysis
    Biomechanical systems
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    Welcome Divine. Please do not change the font in your posts, it makes reading very annoying when you use multiple colors, bolding and special fonts types throughout your posts for no reason. I have cleaned your post up for you.

    Also, no questions or discussions are allowed in this section, this is Introductions Only. Please post your question in the proper forum. You should ask about which courses to take in the Academic Guidance forum.

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