What is Entry level: Definition and 34 Discussions

Entry Level is the lowest level in the National Qualifications Framework in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Qualifications at this level recognise basic knowledge and skills and the ability to apply learning in everyday situations under direct guidance or supervision. Learning at this level involves building basic knowledge and skills and is not usually geared towards specific occupations.
Entry Level qualifications can be taken at three levels (Entry 1, Entry 2 and Entry 3) and are available on a broad range of subjects. They are targeted at a range of learners, including adult learners, candidates on taster sessions, underachievers and ones with learning difficulties.The level after Entry Level in the National Qualifications Framework is Level 1, which includes GCSE grades D-G (or 3-1 for reformed GCSEs) and Level 1 DiDA.

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  1. T

    Misc. Looking for entry level DIY ideas

    I'm looking for a way to use these batteries that is safe and also useful. I've looked into buy inverters to turn them into portable battery packs but am out of my depth and don't want to create a device with serious potential fire hazards without thoroughly understanding the ins and outs and...
  2. H

    Engineering Entry level Renewable energy engineering positions?

    I'm not out of college yet, but I'm curious if any companies are offering entry level positions renewable energy engineers right now
  3. K

    Physics Finding entry level jobs in physics in Europe, how to get started?

    Heya:) I'm now 25 years old and working in a corporate job in London for almost a year after graduating with master in Electronic Engineering. However, what I want to do, what I always wanted to do is work in physics, specifically particle, quantum physics. Over the years tho, for different...
  4. P

    Why couldn't the math portion be crammed into entry level physics?

    Is it too much to combine side by side in a physics class? I'm particularly interested concidering the lack of mathematical rigor that tends to characterize physics textbooks. Some of the math descriptions in physics textbooks is incorrect from a mathematicans viewpoint, while it's precise in...
  5. T

    Job Skills Easiest entry level IT jobs to get with certifications?

    Hi, So I'm interested in getting an entry level IT Internship or co-op. I already have the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Project management certification as well as the NOCTI A+ computer certification. I'm currently trying to study for the LPI Linux essentials and the LPI 101 Linux+ certifications. My...
  6. E

    Engineering Advice for an entry level EE facing problems

    Hi everyone I just started a new job in EE and am unsure about what I should do about my difficulties working with another senior engineer. My manager assigned the two of us to work on the same project but he is very rude to me. He constantly talks in a condescending tone towards me, does not...
  7. Whitefire_Nomura

    Engineering Mechanical Engineering: Electronics Technician Resume Benefits?

    Hello everyone, As I've said in my introduction I'm planning on going back to school but I want to do this right for once. I am shooting for a BA in mechanical engineering (Most likely part time cause of this strange thing I need to do also called paying bills) But I don't want to do just any...
  8. K

    Physics Final year as an undergrad and starting to worry about jobs

    I am in my last year as an undergrad and will be graduating in the spring with a BS in Physics. I personally have terrible grades this including overall GPA and major specific GPA (currently around a 2.2 for both). At this point, bringing my GPA up is nearly impossible without some post...
  9. sophiecentaur

    Stargazing Processor power for entry level Astrophotography

    I saw what a fellow member of my Astro Society had obtained from fairly basic gear and I reckon I should be able to 'afford' something like he has. He is using his elderly DSLR, mounted on an ioptron startracker and is producing pictures of nebulae which I couldn't hope to obtain by eye from my...
  10. J

    Job Skills Study materials for Investment Portfolio Manager position?

    I recently got my B.S. in Physics and began applying to various entry-level analytical jobs. An investment management firm is going to give me a 3 hour test online. The subjects are as follows: Brokerage Firm Case Study Excel Data Proofing Logic I feel comfortable self studying vlook ups and...
  11. H

    Physics BS in Physics and absolutely no luck getting an entry level job

    I have my BS in Physics and am wondering if you all would be so kind as just just list as many possible job search keywords for somebody like me, it doesn't even have to be in STEM. I would love to just get a job that pays decent that's outside of sciences, say, in finance or something, but I'm...
  12. gfd43tg

    Getting an entry level position

    Hello, I recently graduated with my BS in Chemical Engineering, and for the past couple months I have been trying to get my first entry level position and haven't found anything. I've applied online (so far I'm sitting at about 60 applications) and I keep an excel spreadsheet with the company...
  13. J

    The daunting job application: how to interpret

    Hi all, I am in my last year getting my Masters in Mechanical Engineering, with a B.S. in applied physics with minors in biomedical engineering and applied mathematics. I have started to look at job applications, and frankly, they horrify me. Being that I have wide background I often look at...
  14. S

    How to get into analytics field with 'entry level' background

    I am currently in the insurance field as a 'product analyst.' My main duties include using SQL to run reports, update reports, create ad hoc reports, and connecting said reports to excel for 'data analysis'(pivot tables etc). My tenure in SQL is around 6 months but I've been in insurance in a...
  15. kariandozzy

    New Need Beginner Physics/Astrophysics Resources

    Hello! My name is Karina. I am new to physics and a current college student. I am Majoring in Physics but plan to specify in Astrophysics. I haven't taken any of my classes yet, but I start my prerequisites this coming Fall semester. Since I am fairly new to this subject...I only have knowledge...
  16. D

    Courses to be taken for becoming a drilling engineer

    Hello, I have completed my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and will be joining for my masters degree in mechanical engineering shortly. I am planning to become a drilling engineer in the petroleum industry. So in order to achieve my goal, what are the recommended courses that i...
  17. Domenico94

    Learning Java and C++ for Job Opportunities

    Hi everyone... I'm a communication system engineering student and in my university we use studying Java. Now, for this summer, when I ll have free time, I was thinking about doing some practice with programming and maybe studying a new language, such C++( it s still a widesprrad language and I...
  18. S

    Advice on obtaining an actuarial position (entry level)

    I'm in the process of job hunting right now and I'm trying to obtain an actuarial position. Looking to hear if any actuaries here have any suggestions or tips on how to increase my chances. Right now, I"m just looking through job searching sites like indeed and monster, and also going to...
  19. O

    Do entry level PhD statisticians really make 200K a year?

    that's what one of my math profs told me. i forgot what the industry needs to be in order to make that much as an entry level. perhaps insurance?
  20. J

    Entry Level Computational Science Jobs

    Ever since I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree as a Computer Science major, I have been wanting to get into the field of scientific computing/computational science. I have educated myself a lot by taking online courses like Scientific Computing, Computing for Data analysis, Machine...
  21. L

    Where Can I Find Entry Level Jobs for a BS in Physics?

    hello, i have a BS in physics with a 3.64 GPA and i am having trouble finding jobs to apply to. Does anyone have any ideas of companies to apply to?
  22. J

    How to get an entry level job in the Big Data industry?

    How to get an entry level job in the "Big Data" industry? I.e. developing algorithms and crunching numbers for Netflix, Twitter, etc.
  23. Q

    Using entry level physics to calculate minimum velocity required.

    Homework Statement A person is trying to jump over the pit in a car. I need to find what is the minimum speed required to make it over. This speed is calculated not from the start of the ramp, but from the take off. Drawing of all the elements Please excuse my ugly drawing :P. Homework...
  24. P

    Laptop for CAD Software (Entry Level)

    As suggested on my last post 'how to become a design engineer' self practice is the key to learn a design program to a competent level.. At this point, I am looking for a computer so to be able to train myself, refresh my pro/E skills, and be able to apply what I read in tutorials and watch...
  25. Z

    Engineering Entry Level Job for Physicist/Engineer in School?

    Entry Level Job for Physicist/Engineer in School?? Im currently in school majoring in physics (with the intention of taking an engineering masters) and work full time as a mechanic. I used to love my job, but i have gotten so familiar with it, it is no longer a challenge and has become...
  26. Z

    Admissions Are entry level mathematics really the hardest?

    Ive often heard from people that the lower-level maths (calc 1-2, intro to linear algebra etc etc) are difficult because they "weed" people out of the hard science programs... and the way things have been going with me I kind of am starting to hope its true. I am a BSC joint major in...
  27. B

    Graduating ME Student Seeking Entry Level Job Advice

    Hi, I'm graduating this summer with my ME degree. I've started my job hunt and I have a few questions. When looking for jobs I keep stumbling across positions that require a good 5-10 years of experience that fit the bill of my interests succinctly. For example, this boeing job fits most of...
  28. A

    Where Can I Find Entry Level Lab Tech Jobs?

    I'm trying to acquire an entry level lab tech/analyst position but have had very little correspondence from prospective employers. Currently, I only hold an associate's degree as a Biological Technician and am still a few years away from graduating with my B.S. in Biochemistry. My professional...
  29. D

    Where can I find resources for becoming an HVAC engineer?

    Hey all, I am beginning my first job out of college this coming January. I will be working for an architectural/engineering firm as an entry level mechanical engineer designing HVAC systems. I have interned with them for two summers so the company is not completely foreign to me. However, I'd...
  30. S

    What is a decent entry level DSLR?

    enough said
  31. R

    Books for entry level physics (with mathematics)

    Hello, Could you recommend some good entry level physics textbooks, preferably with mathematics included (so not pure conceptual), although if there are some pure conceptural books around, I would not mind reading them. Thanks a lot!
  32. J

    Career advice for an entry level chemist

    I am not really hardworking or talented enough for PhD level chemistry (bad as that may sound but unless you are in the top 2% of the public in both talent and work ethic you'll have a hard time), and I know that finding a job in industry is much harder with a PhD than a MS or BS. I don't need...
  33. P

    A Road Bike Primer: Entry Level vs Non-Entry Bikes

    What do you people think of this bike? http://www.bikes.com.au/p/289268/2007-diamondback-criterium.html Would you call it an entry level bike? What is the difference between entry level and non entry level road bikes? Is the only difference in speed? What type of bikes do climbers ride (i.e...
  34. C

    Schools Is Physics a Must for Physical Therapy Grad Programs?

    I recently found out that for a graduate program I want to get into (Physical Therpay) that a sequence in physics is required. This worries me because there is no other subject that I abhor more than mathmatics. I can speak 3 languages fluently, but give me a simple math problem and I want to...