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A golf course is the grounds where the sport of golf is played. It consists of a series of holes, each consisting of a tee box, a fairway, the rough and other hazards, and a green with a cylindrical hole in the ground, known as a "cup". The cup holds a flagstick, known as a "pin". A standard round of golf consists of 18 holes. Most courses contain 18 holes; some share fairways or greens, and a subset has nine holes, played twice per round. Par-3 courses consist of nine or 18 holes all of which have a par of three strokes.
Many older courses are links, often coastal. The first golf courses were based on the topography of sand dunes and dune slacks with a ground cover of grasses, exposed to the wind and sea. Courses are private, public, or municipally owned, and typically feature a pro shop. Many private courses are found at country clubs.

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  1. F

    Courses Mathematics Bachelor's Degree: Choices ahead

    I am studying mathematics as bachelor in my second year. At the moment I am taking abstract algebra, analysis (measure and integration theory) and probability course. I don't know exactly what I want to do with maths but the applications in physics always have fascinated me. The next term I have...
  2. C

    Courses Course advice for an enthusiast

    Hey all, firstly let me give some background, i`m a Cloud Computing Engineer and have been in the I.T. industry for the past 20 years since I left university. I have always had an interest in science and astronomy (My dad was a keen amateur astronomer) but never really taken it very seriously...
  3. Delta31415

    Courses What advanced math courses should I take as a ECE

    Hello, everyone, I am a freshman in ECE( My degree atm is CompE) who by next semester(fall 2019) will have completed calc 1 -3, elementary linear algebra(with proofs) and differential equations. My program still requires me to take a course in discrete mathematics, probability(super basic imo)...
  4. doglover9754

    Schools Can I get some guidance for math courses to take? (high school freshman)

    So I’m a high school freshman this school year. We have these little presentations by our counselors about planning out our high school years and beyond. In our high school, you only need 3 credits for math (3 years) to graduate. I am currently in Algebra 1. I heard that my school offers these...
  5. W

    Courses Improving my mathematical foundation for physics

    Hi all, I am making a decision regarding the mathematics courses I should take before graduating so that I can leave Uni with a "decent enough" mathematical foundation. Some courses I had in mind were Linear Algebra, Group Theory, and Probability & Statistics, however I have little knowledge...
  6. Q

    Engineering Course Choice: Robotics, ML, Adaptive Signal Processing

    I wasn't sure if I should post this here or academic guidance but given the career factor in this question I will post it here: I am doing a masters in electrical engineering with a focus on signal processing but I am also interested in others areas such as machine learning and robotics. I need...
  7. Emir Shark

    Programs Returning to Physics: Study plan?

    Hi all, I am completely new to this forum. So allow me to introduce myself. I am currently paving my career as a mathematician, particularly in the field of probability theory and financial mathematics. I am currently pursuing a PhD in this subject and could not help but notice how closely...
  8. T

    Courses for Quantum Computing

    Hello, I’m currently an Undergraduate Computer Engineer at UIC and minoring in physics. I have become more and more interested in Quantum Computing and its related fields. I plan on continuing my masters in Electrical engineering (Nano - technology). I was wondering if you could help me out in...
  9. J

    Courses How stressful will 18 credit hours in Physics be at Uni?

    The classes include: Electricity and Magnetism 2, Intro Modern Physics, Intro Theoretical Physics, Optics Lab, Intro to Solid State Physics. I will have a good amount of experience in E&M as well as Theoretical Physics. This will be for my second semester of 3rd year going for a B.S. in physics...
  10. Physicsphysics

    Courses MMath vs. MPhys Theoretical Physcs

    At this point I have no idea how to look at this situation, so I'm really hoping I can get a little help here. I have an offer for Mathematical and Theoretical Physics which leads to an MMath, and eliminates all lab. I also have an offer for straight Physics, leading to MPhys with no extra...
  11. J

    Programs AP Stat or AP Bio for a physics major?

    So I'm an upcoming freshman at my local high school (class of 2021) and I know without a shadow of a doubt I will pursue a physics major in college and eventually a career in the field. At this point I've managed to set up a pretty solid four year schedule (which I will post below), but I still...
  12. T

    What additional courses should I take as a chem major?

    I am a sophomore chem major taking my second semester of organic. I plan on going to grad school. I took calc 2 last semester but calc 3 is not offered next semester so that is sadly out of the question. I can't take classical mechanics without calc 3 and I've already taken prob. and stats. No...
  13. Josep

    Courses Should I retake Real Analysis I?

    Hi all, I am currently in my first semester of my sophomore year, taking Real Analysis I. This class covers formal proofs, properties of the real line, sequences, series, limits, continuity and differentiation, and Riemann Integration. I apparently got stuck with the worst professor at my...
  14. P

    Programs Physics foundation courses?

    Are there any foundation courses in physics for people who don't have any science background and want to do a masters? I last studied physics, chem, bio, math in high school, and then did a grad and post-grad in journalism. I have been learning through the Khan Academy and other online courses...
  15. I

    Courses Three math courses 1 semester

    Hi all, I was thinking what I should take in the spring as a math major I was thinking of taking Abstract Algebra, Probability (calculus based), and geometry, as well as General physics 1, could anyone give me some advice is this a good idea or a bad idea?
  16. casualluchador

    Courses Should I take calculus 2,3 and diff. eqs at CC while in HS?

    Hi I was wondering if taking calculus 2,3, and differential equations by the end of my senior year at the local community college would be a wise choice. Would taking these math classes before i use them in physics hinder my learning? (I want to be a physicist). Would I gain an advantage in...
  17. Mathamans

    Courses Tips for keeping on top of all the coursework

    I'm an undergraduate (freshman) in physics and mathematics. I'm having a bit of trouble keeping track of all of my coursework. I have an account on Habitica and I have a schedule keeper than I carry with, but I seem to miss a few things here and there. What sorts of things do you guys use to...
  18. ElleD

    Courses How could I gain a career in biophysics?

    Hi, I am currently in the last year of sixth form and looking to go to university. However, I am unsure of which course to take since I equally enjoy learning about biology and physics. Biophysics, seems like it would be the ideal career for me but I am unsure of what pathways I could take to...
  19. A

    Courses In which order should I take these (or more) courses?

    Hi, I recently graduated from high school and am planning on taking studying physics in college(im taking a gap year). Until them, I am trying to spend whatever free time I might get, studying and basically getting better at physics. Here is my background, I have taken math up to Calculus...
  20. S

    Courses Interest in Areas of Classical Mechanics

    What are Hamiltonian/Lagrangian Mechanics and how are they different from Newtonian? What are the benefits to studying them and at what year do they generally teach you this at a university? What are the maths required for learning them?
  21. A

    Courses Which Jr. level physics course to pick?

    Hi all, I am a student in Mathematics who has recently discovered a small interest in Physics. I will be graduating next semester, but I will have the opportunity to take an extra class of my choosing. I have already completed the year-long Physics I and Physics II sequence covering elementary...
  22. thegreengineer

    Studying How to truly UNDERSTAND physics and not just memorising?

    First of all, I am not new here in the forum. What I mean with this is that I have previously posted several threads in the past (about calculus and physics). Even though most of your answers you give to the threads help me a lot for my assignments and exams (which I really appreciate, thanks...
  23. Junaid Aftab

    Schools Graduate School for a non-Physics (Econ and Math) major

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a third year Economics major hoping to switch to the Economics and Mathematics by the end of this year. Considering I should have been a Physics major in the first place, I have started taking Physics course starting from my third year in an attempt to eventually go...
  24. A

    Graduate course as a UG: Complex Analysis or Topology?

    As an undergraduate, which graduate-level course will prepare me better for grad school, Complex Analysis or Topology? I probably can't fit both into my schedule, but I can definitely fit one. I have already taken undergraduate complex analysis and I'm taking now undergraduate topology. My...
  25. Zephyr007

    I want to be a doctor

    One of my favorite dreams is to be a doctor but I don't know where to start. I love studying the human body and do experiments to my own body (but not to the point where my experiments hurt). What course do I need to take and how do I prepare for it?
  26. Haindi

    Programs What should I minor in with my Nuclear Engineering B.A.

    I am a sophomore (2nd year) at Idaho State University and am considering doing a minor in either Physics or Math, but I have not decided. I received a 3.55 GPA my first year. I want to attend graduate school after my B.A. and eventually pursue a P.h.D. I am interested in nuclear power in...
  27. deep838

    GRE with 3 years of Bachelors degree?

    Hi, I am currently in my 3rd and final year of B.Sc Physics. Soon I'll have to start applying for a Masters degree. Is it true that you need 4 years of bachelor degree to get admitted for Postgraduate via GRE exam? If so, is there any university outside India which will accept my 3 year course...
  28. E

    Short, intensive physics/math courses

    Hello, I'd like to create a list of short, intensive physics and/or math courses offered around the world. I'm primarily focuses on the U.S. as that is where I live but for the sake of completeness, anywhere would be good. The courses I'm looking should be short, usually 1-3 weeks in length and...
  29. M

    Help looking for short presential engineering open courses

    Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone knew about presencial open programs/courses/events/certifications available to engineering students in general, preferably in the areas of mechatronics (controls, electronics) or aerospace engineering. I'm an engineering (undergrad) student from Mexicali...
  30. S

    Prerequisites for QFT

    Hi! I'm desperately trying to develop a list of prerequisites that will enable me to work on topics like quantum gravity, advanced QFT (on curved spacetime etc.) etc. I am currently in the second year of an undergrad theoretical physics degree in the UK, and am heavily unsatisfied with the way...
  31. A

    What electives would be most beneficial?

    I recently changed my major to physics from business. I would be going into my senior year as a business student had I stayed, so I have all my core requirements done. While I'm catching up on some maths, I'll need to fill my schedule with electives to remain a full-time student. What courses...
  32. FuturePhysicist

    Mathematic subjects to self study.

    I am currently in high school and have been driven to become a theoretical physicist in an unsure field for quite some time now. I have been unfairly placed in a very easy math class even though I already know it. I have been studying upon subjects such as algebra 2 and pre-cal and recently...
  33. N

    Programs Statistics vs. Astronomy for Physics Major

    I am currently signing up for classes next semester. I am already taking Linear Algebra, Physics 2 + Lab, and a required writing course. As my fourth choice I can either take Astronomy + Lab or Introduction to Probability and Statistics. The pros of statistics are that there is no lab, which...
  34. neosoul

    Preparatory classes for nanotechnology

    I think having a career in nanotechnology might be the right choice. However, my school doesn't offer a concentration in nanotechnology unless you are in chemistry. I would like to know some undergraduate courses that would be helpful to me if I decided to go on to get a masters in nanotechnology.
  35. Joshua L

    The Top Undergraduate Math Courses for Physics

    Hey all, I am currently a freshman double majoring in Physics and Math at Purdue University. I have been recently creating a schedule that orders all of the courses I need to take and those that I want to take for the rest of my undergraduate endeavors. I know that it's rather early to do...
  36. jaskamiin

    Which of these courses could be seen as superfluous?

    Hi, I'm a long-time lurker, and finally decided to get in on the fun with you guys. I have a list of courses I can take at my university, and I'm wondering which of these I could safely go without if pursuing the physics B.S. as my primary degree (as opposed to math - my current). I'll put...
  37. Joshua L

    Is a Mathematical Physics course enough?

    I am majoring in Physics and Math at Purdue University. For the physics requirements, I need to take two Mathematical Methods of Physics courses. Below are the catalog entries for the two courses. Mathematical Methods of Physics I Discussion of wide-ranging physics problems from mechanics...
  38. Joshua L

    My Physics Course Schedule I need much help please

    I am currently a freshman at Purdue University. Recently, I've just switched from First Year Engineering to the College of Science so that I may double major in Physics and Mathematics. I've taken the liberty to concoct a 4 year schedule that I will take. (As of right now, I plan on getting a...
  39. juliact15

    Which courses should I take for a concentration in Astronomy?

    I am an undergraduate Physics major in my third year, and I'd like to concentrate in Astronomy or Astrophysics when I obtain my Masters and PhD. What kinds of physics classes should I take in preparation for this? I've already taken all explicitly-astronomy courses at my school. I was thinking...
  40. P

    Help with classes to get into Quantum Computing

    Hi I am an undergrad student in an Electrical engineering program and going for my masters and undergrad degree at the same time (special program i am in). I an very interested on the hardware side of quantum computing as to have a future career in this field (eventually will go for a PhD). I...
  41. starvingautist

    Schools What are some good UK universities for physics/theoretical physics/physics and maths?

    So far my favourites are: - Oxford (Physics) - Lancaster (Theoretical Physics with Mathematics) - Bath (Physics and Mathematics) I have two remaining choices, and I'm not sure where would be best. I was considering York (Maths & Physics) as one, but I'm not sure if it is ranked well. Thanks in...