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Created an android game called Boole

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    Tell us a little bit about the game.
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    Hmm well you play as a bubble trying to dodge dust particles in the air (it is basically a 2d infinite side scroller) Um Sometimes the dust are quite close together so you are able to change the size of the bubble to fit between the small spaces but your score WILL not increase in that shrunken state. Hmm that is basically it haha.
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    I decided to give it a try. However simple it is, it is also very challenging to me.
    The particles differ in size and makes you need to shrink and enlarge yourself while still maneuvering through the dust particles.
    One thing that did somewhat bother me were the advertisements, you will have a ad popup every single death. As I said, I thought it was rather challenging and only having a high score of 7 so far, I die very quickly. That means I get a ridiculous amount of ad popups.

    Also, I don't know if you can fix this or it is just the operating system but my phone screen rotates the game counter clockwise. My screen cover has a stand built in but that stand would only work properly if the game were to rotate clockwise. If I were to put my phone on the stand of the cover, I would have to play upside down. :P

    So these are my two cents, very simple but challenging game but the ads, man!
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    Sorry about the ads, I'll try to fix it and the screen rotation. I actually locked it to one rotation cause I thought it would be easier to play like that.
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