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Creating forums in Physics forums app?

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    Is it possible to create forums in physics forums app or is it meant only to read posts?
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    You can create threads and posts, but not forums.
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    Okay! How will you create a new post?
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    You probably aren't logged-in.
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    Did you make that post using the App?
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    I'm logged in, of course!
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    Can anyone give me some step-by-step tutorial?Please:)
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    I moved the thread to "Feedback and Announcements".
    Only forum administrators (=Greg) can create new forums. No idea how to make posts with the app, but I know it is possible because many users use that function.
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    I use the app on my Android tablet. Ensuring you are logged in -
    -> to create a new thread in a forum: go to the intended forum and click on the pencil at the top. that will display a new page where you enter the title, and content of the first post, of the thread.
    ->to post in an existing thread: in the thread there will be an arrow pointing to the right (at the bottom of the page: it will have the text 'Quick reply' on the left hand side). Click on that and type the content of your post.

    I have no clue how to do print screens on my Samsung tablet otherwise I would have posted those, indicating on the images what to click.

    Hope this helps!
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    It helped me lot!
    Thank you Stevie
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