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Creating high-contrast optical mask?

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    I hope this is the right forum; if not, I apologize in advance. I'm working on a 3d face scanner project, where I have a camera and a DLP projector very close to each other. This wikipedia entry titled "Structured Light 3D Scanner" explains very well what I'm trying to do.
    Basically, I take a picture of the face and within 100ms take another picture but with a projected binary (stripes) pattern (using an optical mask).
    The DLP projector has a visible light filter attached, so only near IR light is transmitted.
    What I have done is printed a binary black/opaque pattern onto a transparent sheet. However, the black does not completely block the transmitted light.
    Hence, I was wondering whether there is a chemical substance with which I can create a high-contrast optical mask (so the black is really black)? Or does anybody know of any commercial products? Thanks!
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    I would suggest a metal vapor-deposited mask. A thick enough metal foil deposited onto a sheet will block all of the light.
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