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Creating lift equation-NEED HELP

  1. Sep 30, 2008 #1
    Creating lift equation---NEED HELP!!!

    For a course I am taking, I need to determine a lift equation based on some variables.

    Propose an equation for lift as a function of your three parameters. That is, if L=lift, A=Area, ρ=air density, and v=velocity, determine L(A, ρ, v).

    I am just so lost--any help would be most appreciated!!!!!
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    Re: Creating lift equation---NEED HELP!!!

    Welcome to PF.

    What do you think? How will Area affect Lift? Will it get larger with larger area or smaller?
    Same with Air Density. Do you expect that you can get greater lift with denser air or thinner air?
    Same again with velocity. Bigger lift with greater V or smaller?

    Take the expression F = M*A The Force is greater for greater Mass or greater acceleration. But for the same Force greater Mass means smaller acceleration.

    They want you to develop a relationship that reflects these interrelationships of the variables presented.

    (As a tip: It can't hurt to put a constant of proportionality in, even if it turns out to be 1.)
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