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Creating oxygen(co2) out Of hydrogen

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    ive heard that hydrogen under certain temps will change into diferent gasses like oxygen and methane. if we could grab a crap load of hydrogen and other gasses under certain pressure and heat would they change gasses.
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    I'm not sure what you heard exactly, but it doesn't sound right. Only through fission and fusion can you change one element into another. Perhaps you heard about converting water into hydrogen and oxygen? Water is already hydrogen and oxygen, just in a different molecular form.

    Also, CO2 is carbon dioxide. Oxygen is oxygen - molecular oxygen is O2.
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    It sounds like some sort of coal gasification process involving water, generating methane and carbon monoxide.
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    That's the gas shift reactions, some of which are:

    H2O+C(solid)=> H2 + CO
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    If you turn hydrogen into plasma(superheated gas) and then apply a whole lot of pressure, the hydrogen will combine and form a different element, probrably helium. Thats what keeps our sun running
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    Necrothread locked.
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