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I Creating something from 'nothing' in our Universe

  1. Nov 4, 2015 #1
    Hello. I have heard a question that asks..how can the Universe be created from nothing? Would not the answer to that question be understanding what that nothing is?

    Humans have an idealized notion of what nothing is..which can be far from the 'nothing' that existed at the beginning of the Universe.

    The 'nothing' at the start in our Universe is most likely the 'vacuum' that exists in our present day Universe.

    And according to what I have read because of something called the 'casimir' effect there are 'virtual' particles that pop in and out of existence in the vacuum. Understanding this..all the way back to the start would seem to be an answer to the question..or does anyone disagree?

    Also, is there proof or any kind of theory I can read up on that shows whether there are other spatial dimensions? Where is physics when it comes to answering this question?

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    Hi spacecadet:

    The Standard Model for our universe tells us it started in a state of extreme high temperature and density, nothing at all like the (near) vacuum of today's outer space. Also, the casimir effect is not related to this initial state.

    Some (perhaps all?) string theories (I, admittedly not knowing much about them, prefer to think of them as speculations) assume additional space dimensions that are so small they can by their nature they can never be detected.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    Hello..thanks for your answer. I am being a lit
    Hello..thanks for the reply. How do you un Italize this forum text? If I have the time I might pursue this line of questioning.
    I am thinking at the very start of the Universe. This extreme temp & density exists after the Universe's birth. Or I could be wrong
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    Hi spacecadet:

    Above the "Have something to add?" window, there is a formatting bar. To italicize some text, first use your cursor (holding down left button) to highlight the text; then click on the "I" button. The unitalicize, do the same again.

    BTW: To edit something after you have posted it, click on "Edit" in the lower left part of the post area. Th "Edit button remains available for an hour or two after you post or last edit.

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    Did the "nothing" at the start of the universe even have dimensions? Time?
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    @spacecadet11 please do a little reading first and then come back with a more focused question and post it in the cosmology section.
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