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CSP power plant efficiency calculations

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    please I want to know how to calculate the overall efficiency of a concentrated solar power plant (CSP) which uses parabolic trough concentrator,so please if you can provide me with detailed information and calculation method.

    Thank you
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    What parameters are you given to work with? Do you have your heat sink's temperature? The absorptivity of your receiver and so on?
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    yes I have these parameters ,the reflectivity of the collector,the absorptivity of the receiver and the temperatures.
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    In general, you would need the heat input and the work output for efficiency.

    [tex]\eta = \frac{W}{Q}[/tex]

    Do you have the work output from the steam turbine (or whichever kind) ?

    What pressures and temperatures are you working with?

    Is your plant running under the rankine cycle or a different one?
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    My CSP power plant is running under rankine cycle.As you know the boiler,in this power plant is replaced by the parabolic trough concentrator to generate steam before entering the turbine.

    I have the pressure entering the pump and leaving it,and the output power of the turbine.
    Also I have all the temperatures needed,the reflectance of the collector,the emissivity and the absorptivity of the receiver(tube).

    The idea is to find how the integration of parabolic trough concentrator,will affect the efficiency formula of the basic rankine cycle,maybe it will multiplied by the collector efficiency,so how to calculate it?
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    You can see how to get the theoretical efficiency (in combination with carnot efficiency) from this section of Wikipedia.

    The final efficiency formula gives all the parameters you would use. I have not really studied parabolic trough concentrators so I can't really tell how much times it would concentrate the solar flux.
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    hey guys i want to become a scientist and i need lessons
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