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Curious case of 1 post members?

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    Hello everyone,

    Something I have noticed in this forum, when I'm making threads. I get replies from people, who have specifically made an account to reply to my thread. Their answers are also generally very helpful, unfortunately they are never to be seen again so I cannot further discuss the matters with them. Then often end up with 1 post (just the reply for the thread). Why does this occur? How did they find the question if they don't have an account? Why don't they hang around after been a member. :)
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    We have x1000 more lurkers than members :smile:
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    As Greg noted, many people simply lurk without registering as a member. Also, many people come here by way of Google searches which lead them to a thread on some topic that they're interested in. That's how we get first-time posters who necropost to a thread that has been dormant for years.
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