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Cyclic Fusion Reactor_Colliding Beams_Final Edition

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    Cyclic Fusion Reactor_Colliding Beams_Final Edition
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    Joseph, how did you calculate your "estimation of energy consumption of accelerating field specified per one occurred fusion event"?
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    Average kinetic energy transfer from faster moving ion to slower ion per a single elastic collision (scattering event) is about 12eV. This corresponds to deuteron's scattering at 0.85deg. And about 10 thousand scatterings per each occurred fusion event make 120keV of energy transfer. Thus via elastic collisions each slower ion will be accelerated at about 100keV gaining also some spread in axial velocities. Remaining 20keV will be transferred to electron gas via collective interaction with electron gas with mediation of strong self-field of combined beam. Electron-ion pair elastic collisions amount are neglectable due to their very big difference in velocities.
    Mentioned 20keV gaining by electron gas from each ion will be mostly dissipated via Bremsstrahlung but also will increase the transverse motion energy of electrons (electron gas thermalization).

    So, we will have a tendency to equalization of coherent motion velocities reducing collision energy in center-of-mass frame. Longitudinal electric field will accelerate all three spices of particles. But giving them different KE due to their different charge-to-mass ratio.
    And our task here to keep comparatively constant center-of-mass collision energy.
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