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D-Wave quantum computer processor

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    If you haven't followed what this company has been doing, you probably don't understand my trepidations at posting about it here - but I do want to hear reaction to Professor Matthias Troyer test results from this sector of the Physics community. It involves "Engineering", "Quantum Physics", and probably a few other things - but I think it has the closest tie to "Quantum Physics".

    Professor Matthias Troyer published his article in arXiv and it is now been carried in Science. I have read about the article, but not the article itself.

    He was testing the latest D-Wave quantum computer processor against a conventional computer. The bottom line is that he could not find any significant computational advantage to the D-Wave machine.
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    You can't say something like this and not make an exact citation to the sources.

    List out the ArXiv article number, or the exact citation to the Science article. This must be a common practice/habit in this forum when citing sources.

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    Sorry. It's currently the lead story in phys.org:


    The Science article was 2 days ago, but I don't have a subscription:

    I just found the arXiv article:
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    The company is called "D-Wave" not "Q-wave"

    (It is "D-Wave" as in d-wave symmetry, their initial work was based on the idea of using high-Tc superconductors to make the qubits, and the gap of high-Tc superconductors has d-wave symmetry)

    Edit: I think the jury is still out on what is going on. I think there is a now a general consensus that their machine is doing "something" and that it is not fully understood which in itself is interesting. They have demonstrated entanglement between neighboring qubits so there are certainly "local" QM effects involved, but whether or not this will allow for any speedup is another question.
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    I asked a moderator to change it - and it has been done. Thanks.
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