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A word processor (WP) is a device or computer program that provides for input, editing, formatting, and output of text, often with some additional features.
Early word processors were stand-alone devices dedicated to the function, but current word processors are word processor programs running on general purpose computers.
The functions of a word processor program fall somewhere between those of a simple text editor and a fully functioned desktop publishing program. However, the distinctions between these three have changed over time and were unclear after 2010.

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  1. Pipsqueakalchemist

    In a ALU in a simple processor, what does the operation BNEQZ mean?

    TL;DR Summary: So I'm doing this coding assignment that involves a simple processor with an ALU. I have a list of operation of the ALU but I don't understand one operation called BNEQZ. I have the list of operation below and an example of it being used to form some loop. Would be very grateful...
  2. Aviato78

    Comp Sci DLX 5 stage pipeline processor execution and speedup

    A 5-stage DLX pipelined processor is equipped with the forwarding technique. The following code is executed in the processor. XOR R5, R5, R6 //R5=R5 XOR R6 (XOR: logic operation) LW R1, 20(R5) //load word into R1 ADDI R1, R1, #2 //increment R1 by 2 SW 20(R5), R1 //store the content in R1 to...
  3. E

    Projective measurements of quantum processor

    Am I correct in thinking that the system measures the probability |<f|1>|^2 for some state <f|? Then the probabilities for each of the six states would be: |<0|1>|^2= 0 |<1|1>|^2= 1 |<+x|1>|^2= |(1/√2)|^2 = 1/2 |<-x|1>|^2= |(-1/√2)|^2 = 1/2 |<+y|1>|^2= |(-i/√2)|^2 = 1/2 |<-y|1>|^2= |(i/√2)|^2...
  4. bhobba

    Xilinx XC7A200T vs Intel Processor

    Hi There is a device made by Chord called an M-Scaler: https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/hugo-mscaler/ It uses a 740 core Xilinx XC7A200T and took a couple of years for the engineer to write the code for it. It pushed the power of the device to its limit to get 1 million taps on the...
  5. jedishrfu

    Farewell to Evelyn Berezin Inventor: 1st True Word Processor

    In a recent Ars Technica article, they talk about the accomplishments of Evelyn Berezin, inventor of the first word processor: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/12/evelyn-berezin-creator-of-the-first-word-processing-computer-dies-at-93/
  6. Pattonias

    Searching for Answers on Processor Performance & Real-Time Processing

    I have a question for which I can't seem to find a satisfactory answer. We do a lot of intense real time processing of audio signals in my line of work. (Generally programmed in C) I am a mechanical engineer with only a rudimentary understanding of the process that goes on in the software for...
  7. Greg Bernhardt

    Meet Bristlecone, Google’s New Quantum Processor

    A Preview of Bristlecone, Google’s New Quantum Processor https://research.googleblog.com/2018/03/a-preview-of-bristlecone-googles-new.html
  8. drgibbles

    Processor and Memory data alignment with base pointers?

    Hello, working on a puzzle and I think this may be what I need to do to solve it. I have a long string of characters,752 total with the range 0-9 and a-f. I believe that the data needs to be aligned based off the processor and memory. The Cpu is at 2800MHz and the memory is 1024MB. Is there a...
  9. R

    Simple 8-bit FFT Processor for 512pt Array at 20MHz

    Hello. I'm looking for a "simple" FFT processor able to process an 8 bits input in an array of at least 512 pts with a speed of at least 20 MHz. I've precised "simple" instead of certain TI DSP with up to 196 pins ! I only need FFT nothing else. Does it exist ? Thanks by advance for replies.
  10. D

    How does an electrical signal physically flow in a processor

    I am a high school student interested in electronics. I have been able to understand almost everything about electricity and digital computers mosfets, logic gates,memory,cpu, fetching ,decoding, executing ,clock cycles, etc. except there is one thing that I can't seem to grasp my head around...
  11. C

    Processor Interior Schematics?

    Does anybody know where to find schematics of the interior of modern processors for lithography? Not brand new, as far back as 32nm nodes? Or where to begin with this search? Thank
  12. sophiecentaur

    Stargazing Processor power for entry level Astrophotography

    I saw what a fellow member of my Astro Society had obtained from fairly basic gear and I reckon I should be able to 'afford' something like he has. He is using his elderly DSLR, mounted on an ioptron startracker and is producing pictures of nebulae which I couldn't hope to obtain by eye from my...
  13. Stephanus

    Multi cores processor and register

    Dear PF Forum, I have a question (after many questions) about multi cores processor. Does multi cores processor has multi set of register? Supposed an Intel xeon processor has 4 cores. Does it processor have 4 EAX register? E4 BX, 4 ECX, etc? Thank you very much.
  14. V

    Event Driven Processing: Is a Standard Processor Redesign Possible?

    From what I understand all processors are based on the Von Neumann architecture and instructions are fed into the processor based on the clock speed. I've recently come across the IBMs new neural chip SyNAPSE. The chip is event driven, operating (using power) only when needed. Can a standard...
  15. F

    Trying To Find IBM TrueNorth Processor Information

    Hello, It is my desire to build a functioning robot & start a company called Applied Robotics. I would like to use the IBM TrueNorth processor, however I am not able to get IBM to respond to my requests for info. They have even created a send in form but do not respond to it. Does anyone know...
  16. MathematicalPhysicist

    Understanding 10GHZ CPU Technology: Obstacles and Resources

    What are the current obstacles from having one core 10 GHZ CPU processor? What books/courses do you propose to read/take in order to understand the theory behind CPU technology? I assume how to cool such a processor is one of the obstacles, but there are more, right?
  17. N

    What issues can D wave quantum processor solve ?

    Is D wave 1024 qubit quantum processor can solve a 1024 cities 'travelling salesman problem' ? And if not what are the abilities of it ? Thanks in advance
  18. 22990atinesh

    Numerical Problem on Processor Pool Model

    Consider the case of a distributed computing system based on the processor-pool model that has ##P## processors in the pool. In this system, suppose a user start a computing job that involves compilation of a program consisting of ##F## source file ##(F < P)##. Assume that at this time the user...
  19. vead

    Building an 8-bit Processor: ALU, Decoder & Multiplexer

    If I want make 8 bit processor I think I need following think 1) ALU 2)control unit 1)ALU responsible for Arithmetic and logic Unit 2)control unit include with multiplexer and decoder circu main component for processor ALU 8 bit decoder multiplexer Q1 I have option for decoder decoder...
  20. .Scott

    D-Wave quantum computer processor

    If you haven't followed what this company has been doing, you probably don't understand my trepidations at posting about it here - but I do want to hear reaction to Professor Matthias Troyer test results from this sector of the Physics community. It involves "Engineering", "Quantum Physics"...
  21. C

    Distance between memory and processor

    Homework Statement This problem is from Spacetime Physics by Taylor In one second some desktop computers can carry out one million instructions in sequence. Assume that carrying out one of the instruction requires transmission of data from the memory to the processor and transmission of the...
  22. G

    What is the physical form of binary data in a computer processor?

    This a general, layman question. Computer processors work with binary digits, 1 and 0. Of course, computer processors can be seen as microscopic forms of Babbage's analytic engine. So in reality, in the circuits of a microprocessor, what physical form do binary digits take?
  23. DHF

    Operating the SMD FX4100 in Win XP - processor speed question

    I just did a new build and I am waiting on my Win 7 disc to arrive. in the meanwhile I have transplanted my old drive with XP on it. everything boots fine and I get no errors. When I check the properties under my computer it correctly IDs the processor name however it only lists the speed as...
  24. A

    Generating A Noise Signal from a Digital Processor

    Hey guys, If I wanted to go about generating just a plain noise signal (don't care what the signal consist of), at a certain frequency (say 10 MHz) what is the best way to go about doing that? If possible I would really like to use a microprocessor or ARM processor (due to the higher...
  25. R

    I determining what kind of processor I have

    Homework Statement May someone please tell me how to figure out if my laptop is dual core or dual processor? My professor told me to start using linux and I would prefer to do so on my laptop, but I do not know if it can be supported. Homework Equations control panel>system and...
  26. R

    Serial No. & Year of Manufacture of AMD Processor?

    Please can anyone tell me how can I find the Serial No. & Year of Manufacture of my 2.70 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ ? Is it written on the CPU ? Or is there any Software which will tell me this information ? Or will the AMD Website tell this to me ? I want to know the...
  27. M

    Physics Jobs as a physics degree for processor developing companies (e.g. Intel)

    I'm near the end of sophomore year at undergrad as a physics major, and recently, my biggest dream job became combining the two fields I love the most: Physics and Technology. I love technology. I 'm always updated on the newest microprocessor chips and tech news. I go on engadget and other tech...
  28. T

    MPC5674F Processor and 32-bit address

    Homework Statement I'm not sure where to start with the following question. Can anyone point me in the right direction? It is part of some challenging questions I was given and I'd like to try to learn how to solve them. Assume unsigned32 X; Consider the MPC5674F processor. The 32 bit...
  29. H

    Is my processor 64-bit or 32-bit?

    I read somewhere that if the processor description in XP System Information says 'x86' it's a 32-bit processor. But, the system control panel says P8600 processor and from the Intel processor website the P8600 appears to be a 64-bit. Do I have a 32-bit or 64-bit processor? I'm guessing I have...
  30. S

    How can I effectively use the Lyx word processor for writing scientific reports?

    Hello I am trying to use lyx word processor to write up scientific reports. Am currently a little frustrated as I am finding it hard to get to grips with all the functions ie I often can''t get it to what I want! Can any suggest any resources that may cover all that one might need in...
  31. P

    What is a CORE 2 DUO Processor?

    Please explain what is a CORE 2 DUO processor.
  32. T

    What is the word size of a processor?

    I know the word size of a processor is how many bits it can 'process' at a time but I'd like some elaborations of that.
  33. S

    Processor instruction prefixes (number of additional clock cycles)

    More specifically, this question is oriented towards the Intel 8086. I have this manual that lists the number of clock cycles the 8086 requires to execute each of its instructions, prefixes, et cetera. My question is about repeat string instructions. The REP prefix is listed as 2 clocks...
  34. K

    Is real mode limited to 16-bit instructions on the 8086 processor?

    Hello Does anyone know if its true that all software running in real mode must use only 16-bit instructions? is there an authorised sourcet that can aprove od deny it?
  35. F

    Ivy Bridge processor and socket 2011/X68 chipset

    The Sandy Bridge processors are not significantly faster than the Nehalems, and they only had dual-channel memory. There is a noticeable difference in performance, but it really isn't worth upgrading. Hopefully, the HUGE performance boost will be with the 8-core/22nm "Ivy Bridge" processors. I...
  36. Greg Bernhardt

    LaTeX Why are MathJax images not displaying on my webpage?

    I have enabled MathJax on the site. There are no Latex images being displayed. Please post any problems. I'll leave it enabled for the next hour or so and switch back to images until we are 100% ready.
  37. Andre

    Yahoo & IE: Investigating Processor Usage

    So probably from experience and convenience I use IE (9 now) as main browser and secondary Chrome. This came from the time that Yahoo seemed not compatible with Chrome and gmail is still very uncompatible with IE for me. It doesn't work - but that's not the issue now. I also found that it as...
  38. J

    Processor and memory architecture of computer system

    Hi Please have a look on the following linked scanned page: http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/8782/page102cx.jpg Please remember that I'm neither a comp. science student nor of science in general. So, please keep you reply as simple and to the point as possible. Suppose I have the USB...
  39. P

    Neural net processor Vs microprocessor of VLSI tech

    What will be the technology difference between neural net based processor and the Microprocessor based on VLSI technology we use today?
  40. T

    Can a PC Processor Really Be Used as a Heater?

    Can we use heat from processor for heater? In some web, they said that is not feasible to do because the heat is not enough. PC processor has temperature 90 deg C (for game PC),so that is feasible, isn,t?
  41. P

    Multi-Cycle Processor Implementation in Verilog?

    I am trying to design a multi-cycle processor in Verilog for the MIPS instruction set. However, I cannot get one of my instructions that I stored in memory to execute. This program is a continuation of a lab assignment that was given to my class. The instruction that I am trying to execute...
  42. 1

    Heat Dissipation and Processor Speed

    Is there a relationship between the heat dissipation of a processor and its speed? I am guessing there should be. If there is a relationship, is there any mathematical formula to deduce the heat dissipation of a processor?
  43. M

    Chipset / Compatible Processor Question

    Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade my desktop, which is now about 4 years old. It's a Dell XPS 410. Since I've gotten it, I've bumped the RAM to 3 GB, and upgraded the video card to an ATI 4850. Currently, the processor is only a E6300 (@1.86 GHz). Now, I've taken a job where I need to move...
  44. F

    Understanding the Intel Xeon X5260 Processor: 3.33 GHz per CPU or Total?

    Intel Xeon X5260 / 3.33 GHz processor I am not sure if it's 3.33 GHz per processor or all processors amount to 3.33 GHz? Ted.
  45. W

    Laptop with good processor speed (2GHz and above)

    Am going to be purchasing a laptop this month. Am specifically looking for a laptop with good processor speed (2GHz and above). I am not going to be loading Windows on it, but Linux Ubuntu. Thus, I don't want all those laptops that come pre-loaded with Windows. Price-range is around $400 - $600...
  46. N

    Calculate heat dissipation from processor

    Hey guys. i am on a little project here, may i know hot to calculate heat dissipation from processor and HDD ? is it using P=I^2R will do ? if so what is my R and I?
  47. A

    Micro Processor project making a Gun Chronograph

    I need a little help with a lab project that I am making for my Micro Processor class. My instructor gave me the idea of making a gun chronograph. He wants me to use 4 qrb1134 reflective sensors to detect an object. The qrb1134's will be in two pairs set at a certain distance apart. The...
  48. P

    CMOS coupling to data processor for experiment

    In a spectroscopy experiment proposal I am working on, I had the idea to use a CMOS Image sensor (monochromatic) coupled to an interferometer to record data of the O2 green line in the atmosphere. In my ignorance, I cannot seem to figure out what kind of data processor I should attach to the...
  49. fluidistic

    Fortran Is it possible to take advantage of a multicore processor for fortran?

    I have a dual core processor (intel) but I think that fortran programs only uses 1 processor. Can Fortran use both processors to calculate faster?
  50. M

    Calculators What does a multi-core processor mean?

    I've heard it compared to, over-and-over again, stated by people that having a dual-core processor is the same as having two processors and the same as the cores increase. But, I doubt this. Besides the obvious cache issue, how different is a 2.0 dual-core CPU from having two 1.0 uni-core CPU's?