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News Damning evidence surfaces about Libyan attacks

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    So apparently the 2 prior Navy Seals who died broke order to go and save unarmed personnel at the scene of the attacks and then were killed 7 hours later by a mortar round.


    I am sorry but as a vet I do not understand how anyone can support an administration who left those men to die when support was available. A live feed from drones was available in the situation room and no action was taken.

    This story really has 3 parts the fact that it happened the fact that its taken so long to come out and the fact that ABC NBC and CBS are not all over this.

    This is one of the largest single stories in foreign affairs in a decade and they are not covering it.

    I will add a link to the emails talking about it being a terror attack 2 hours into it as well.
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    I think there's more to the story. The communication was going on locally between operatives in Benghazi, you act like Obama was on the phone calling the shots, get real.

    The men were contractors, they used to be Navy Seals, they were not active Military.

    And CNN's report.

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    At least when I was in the military if an attack was believed to be over you either pulled the men out or reinforced them you didn't just leave them there alone and assume everything was fine now troops are deployed to support action under way all the time especially when you are not sure what is going on. Plus with drones in the air they had a better idea what was happening then the troops on the ground. That is CYA by Penetta and anybody who has been in combat will tell you that.

    I am sorry Obama takes full credit for every action of the seals when they were on live in the situation room going after Osama so at least somebody had to have mentioned to him that this was going on.

    They had painted the mortar team with a laser for missile guidance misses that are on the drones if the order had been given to fire those men would be alive.
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    Evo they were CIA of one form or another hence:

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    The attack on the location where Stevens was killed WAS evacuated. The SECOND attack was on a SECOND location hours later.

    Osama was a planned attack by US.
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    The best read that I have found on the action in Benghazi.


    This is another:


    No point in making small cut and pastes on this very complicated situation.

    The big thing is that Libyan officials did not want foreign boots on the ground for security. Americans were supposed to be protected by the Libyan 17th of September Militia. They were not up to the task.
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    Can you demonstrate where this is the case in the OP's linked story?
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    Rather than getting into this any further I deleted that sentence.
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    While I'm perfectly fine with the CIA having a little private army in Benghazi (Clear And Present Danger, anyone? Once again, life imitates Clancy), it certainly created a sticky situation for them to be so close to the poorly protected ambassador! They aren't supposed to be there and it would be a little ugly if we had a major ground and air battle by troops who aren't supposed to exist. So I do understand why they were told to stand down, but it really was a bad catch-22.

    It is tough to cut through the fog of war, but knowing the ambassador was missing and their cover was almost certainly blown (though it did take a while for that to be made clear), I would have preferred a much stronger response. Once you're in it, you might as well go for broke.
    I don't think that's true: it sounds to me like they were CIA employees. Though I don't really think it matters.
    No irony intended, but:

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    CBS seems to refute this.

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    So what, maybe there were none because good men died stopping it from happening. :rolleyes: The teams "Delta/HRT" train to handle all contingencies including (as in this case Counter-terrorism) attempts to kill US personnel, calling them a "hostage rescue team" is just PC.


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    Just as an FYI, Libya was and is a sovereign nation with all the rights and privileges afford by international law. That includes protection from external military action.

    Consulates and embassies can be protected internally by the outside nations forces often because it is considered the occupying nations territory. They cannot, however, install troops outside of the premises without permission. And most nations do not want foreign troops occupying their sovereign territory.

    It was Libya's job to protect all of the area surrounding the consulate. And it was their job to react in the event of an attack. The United States cannot simply invade another country without proper cause and[STRIKE] the Libyan government resisted US efforts to send in troops.[/STRIKE]

    I cannot find the source where I heard that last statement so I am striking it from my argument.
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    Source for this?
  17. Nov 26, 2012 #16
    Searching for where I read that and can't find it. It was well over a month ago either way so I might have misread or claims may have been redacted.
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    Guess I'll have to subpoena you for creating a "confusing narrative" o_O
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    I can only handle one subpoena a month and the MCSO has already taken that spot.
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    I believe Stevens and the US operation in Libya were always dedicated to the "light footprint" strategy. So the besieged personnel, numbering some 30 plus the bodies, in neither Benghazi facility were ever going to be rescued by cannon-firing AC-130 gunships and commando-style helicopter missions. I believe it was the February 17 Martyrs Brigade that were urgently summoned by the CIA to provide relief, and indeed it was a 50 vehicle convoy of this militia that finally relieved the siege, albeit many hours after the initial call.

    As of this time, any investigation of the incident by Libyan authorities seems to be stalled, so perhaps it is the FBI to whom we must turn for answers?

    Respectfully submitted,
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