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Dark Matter and X-ray emissions

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    jim mcnamara

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    This is a video by the two of the researchers who found anomalous xray emissions. These emissions may be
    related to dark mater, needs further verification.

    Edit 12/14/14 : preprint http://arxiv.org/abs/1402.4119
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    See also Update on the bananas
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    Boyarsky and Ruchayskiy are reportedly releasing their results on the 3.5 Kev line in the Journal of Physics Review Letters next week. It should be interesting to see if, and what they have to say in reply to dissent that has arisen since the original papers appeared on arxiv back in February.
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    I look forward to that paper as well. The one posted I kept in my collection.
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    The couch in the video looks a little like Dirac.... :DD
    Nevertheless it seems like they are overreacting about their results...
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