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A Dark Matter as higher-dimensional gravity

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    Are there any hypotheses on dark matter being gravity force in the higher dimensions predicted by string theory? I would like to read such hypotheses.
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    But right off the bat, don't you see a glaring problem with marrying those two?

    The extra dimensions that have been talked about are tiny, curled up dimensions that might only exhibit non-Newtonian deviation at very small distances (Arkani-Hamed predicted sub millimeter scale at most, but even that hasn't been seen up to micron scale).

    On the other hand, the gravitational effects of dark matter is long-range! Even MOND predicts that its effects kick in at celestial scale to match observations.

    So why would you think these two extremes are compatible with one another in the first place?

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    Several posts have been removed after this thread drifted into personal theories and speculation prohibited by the Physics Forums rules.

    This thread is closed.
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