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Dcase initiative to discuss Khovanov paper

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    Dcase you accidentally put this in the bibliography thread, where we don't have extra room for discussion.
    Biblio is primarily for links to preprints and abstracts of selected new research---non-string QG.
    Please make a separate thread to initiate discussion of any of the papers in the bibliography thread.

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    Hi Marcus:

    Thanks for starting the thread. Sorry for posting to a bibliography for discussion.

    I wonder if the 'beautiful mind' of John Nash somehow realized that both differential geometry and game theory represented mathematical objects?

    In biophysiology, the simple loop diagram [although a helix diagram is more likely since the same H is unlikely to always be the same donor-acceptor] of the Krebs cycle demonstrates that nucleic acid life is all about energy exchanges eventually leading to various phenotypic expressions, often with great symmetry.

    Perhaps if Einstein's most famous equation were modified as a chaotic game,
    v^2 * E-attracting = E-dissipating
    lim v -> c
    where E-attracting is m and E-dissipating is E,
    it might represent the transformation of a star into a supernova as welll as have application to nuclear physics with gauge as the only difference?
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