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De-Lorean: How else to travel in style?

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    In the classic time travel Sci-Fi film Back to the Future, Doc Brown presents us with a magnificent time machine in the sleek design of a Delorean . But what if the Doc hadn't chosen such a car. What would have Marty been in throughout the trilogy? What alternate time machines are there?
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    I thought the VW baywindow the libians were driving was way cooler than the delorian.
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    How much machinery do you have to get into it? A Lamborghini won't carry an extra pair of shoes, but getting up to the required speed isn't a issue. On the other end a Kenworth with a trailer would allow you to carry a few cars and a time machine easily.
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    sorry guys haveing or stealing a tardis is the only true way to travel in style throw time but kitt would be the car i would pick to race through time in hehe
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    Nah, one of the flying cop cars from "Bladerunner".
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