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How good is this physics program in Argentina?

  1. Oct 24, 2015 #1
    Hey, how are you? I will probably start studying mechanical engineering or physics in "Universidad de buenos aires". I have a few questions regarding its program. First of all I would like to know how good does it compare to good universities in the Us. Also if its considered a Ms o bs.
    The programs(translated to english by me):
    Physics program:
    Analysis 1
    Mathematics I
    Physics I
    Physics II
    Mathematics II
    Mathematics III
    Physics III
    Laboratory I
    Physics IV
    Lab 2
    Mathematics IV
    Classical mechanics
    Lab III
    Lab IV
    Theoretical physics I
    Theoretical physics II
    Lab V
    Theoretical physics III
    Matter structure I
    Lab VI
    Matter structure II
    Matter structure III
    Lab VII
    Matter structure IV

    Also a variety of electives that change year to year

    Mechanical engineering program:
    Analysis I
    Algebra I
    Analysis II
    Physics I
    Algebra II
    Analysis III
    Physics II
    Representation methods
    Mechanics I
    Stability I
    Mechanical drawing
    Materials I
    Numerical analysis I
    Stability II
    Thermodynamics I
    Materials II
    General electricity
    Mechanical technology I
    Industrial tests
    Fluid mechanics
    Electrical machines
    General electronics
    Alternative machines
    Physical and mechanical measurements
    Stability III
    Control systems
    Economy for engineers
    Law for engineers
    Environmental engineering
    Energy conversions
    Hidraulical and neumatical systems
    Safety at work
    Industrial instalations
    Thesis based on mechanical engineering.

    Also there are a variety of electives where you have to choose 6 to get your degree, they consist:
    Mechanics II
    Finite elements method
    Stability IV
    Tension analysis
    Fluid physics
    Machine elements
    Mechanical technology II
    Machine projects
    Heat and mass transfer
    Cold technology
    Heat technology
    Thermal instalations projects
    Mechanical tools design
    Car design
    Numerical control of machines
    Industrial robotics
    Thermal plants
    Control systems on thermal instalations
    Thermal instalations design
    Ferrous materials and its applications
    Energetic techniques
    Introduction to finite element methods
    Continous mechanics
    Mathematics on robotics
    Advanced finite elements

    These is all. Your opinion will really help me in my decision of my future career. Im between mech engineering and physics.

    Thanks a lot, in advance!!!
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    For the physics program, the course titles are so generic and vague that it's impossible to say how they compare to university physics programs in the US. What topics do the three "Theoretical Physics" courses include? Or the four "Matter Structure" courses?

    Do you not have any descriptions of those courses?

    If you look at the physics program for a typical US university, you will find courses with titles such as "Electromagnetism" (or "Electrodynamics"), "Quantum Mechanics", "Thermodynamics", "Statistical Mechanics", etc. There are also usually brief descriptions of the topics covered in the courses, and a list of prerequisite physics and math courses.
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    Thanks! Yeah it looks kind of unspecific. Do you have any idea about the mechanical engineering program? Thanks again for the reply
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