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News Debate between Third Party candidates

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    Listening now... will comment later

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    Larry King to moderate third-party debate on Oct. 23

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    Third-party presidential debate? I like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, but come on.

    I'm curious as to why the third-party candidates aren't allowed to debate with democrats and republicans?
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    what do you mean, "come on?". I think it's good to challenge stuff that the Republocrats agree on. Don't get me wrong, they come of as amateurs much of the time, so I don't really take either party seriously as a presidential candidate, but I think they're very well equipped to challenge issues that the Democrats and Republicans can safely hide behind together (stuff that will never come up in the Republocrat debates).

    I'm guessing they're nto allowed in for the same reason. They disagree with issues that Democrats and Republicans would stand together on. It's possible that they're suspecte of being disruptive or rabble-rousing, too. Or maybe even a riot risk; there's some times between Green party and Occupy Wallstreet: they explciitly support it:

    http://www.gp.org/campaigns/occupy-america/index.php [Broken]
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    So... did anyone watch?
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    The major candidates see no upside, so they choose not to do it.
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    However, it couldn't be worse than a republocrat debate.

    In Quebec and Canada (at the federal level), political candidates may scream at each other during debates but at least they are screaming about platforms and their effects.
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    I did not.

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    these are Americans my friend.

    They don't know about or care about Canadian politics. As seen in the third debate.

    They will get their pipeline with or without our approval. ( As per Romney )
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