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News Meanwhile, from left field - Jeremy Corbyn, UK Labour Party

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    I was listening to PRI's The World yesterday, and heard a piece about Jeremy Corbyn, UK Labour Party.
    Britain's Bernie Sanders moment?
    Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn completes the line-up

    Jeremy Corbyn means trouble, and not just for UK’s Labour party
    http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/311c4e18-426e-11e5-b98b-87c7270955cf.html#axzz3iuwCFAAh (may need subscription)

    Labour leadership: Don't back Corbyn, say Kendall and Cooper

    Labour leadership: At-a-glance guide to the contenders



    It would be interesting if Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn were elected to prominent leadership positions.
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    Or if they switched countries :-)
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    http://news.yahoo.com/60-something-socialist-britains-unlikely-political-star-094842757.html [Broken]

    "If Corbyn tops the leadership ballot when results are announced Sept.12, it will mark an abrupt left turn for a Labour Party that has been moving toward the center for decades."

    Stay tuned - we'll find out next Saturday.
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    Just how far left can a politician go and still be summarized as "interesting?" Was Venezuela's Chavez interesting? Castro? Because Corbyn is out there on the edge of the left. If elected leaders seize all the means of production, abolish elections and private property as bourgeois, and send off dissidents to reeducation, do they at some point make the label "interesting" into a mask for a fanatic?

    Ian Birrell, contributing editor to the UK's mail, for comparison with Corbyn, in yesterday's paper recalled Labor's 1980 choice Michael Foot , who "demanded widespread nationalization and unilateral nuclear disarmament" in his 1980 election manifesto. The manifesto
    The point, per Birrell, was that Foot was "moderate compared with Mr. Corbyn" and Foot was also an "admired author, orator and intellectual".

    Also see Nick Cohen's essay in Standpoint:
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