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News Who is Nils Bildt? Could Fox News be *that* irresponsible?

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    Who is Nils Bildt? Could Fox News be that irresponsible?

    Does an "independent analyst" -- a title anybody could claim -- really qualify him as ”Swedish defense and national security advisor”?


    And some additional commentary from the Washington Post:
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    Yes. This is hardly the first time that they have just flat out lied in a way that in a more responsible organization would be called staggeringly incompetent fact checking. Although I'm confident that there are a plethora of examples, the only one that I can think of specifically off the top of my head is when Hannity had 3 people on to say how terribly they had suffered under ObamaCare and it turned out that one of them had never applied for ObamaCare, and one of them actually would have gotten better coverage for less cost under it than his current plan. They all just hated Obama and Hannity was happy to indulge them.
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    The other great example about the irresponsibility of Fox News was the so-called "terror expert" on Fox News, Steven Emerson, on how Birmingham, UK is a "totally Muslim city" where non-Muslims "simply don't go", and about no-go zones in London, Paris, and elsewhere several years ago.


    The response to this so-called expert was so scathing that even British PM (at the time) David Cameron said the following: "When I heard this, frankly, I choked on my porridge and I thought it must be April fool's day. This guy's clearly a complete idiot."

    So I'm not at all surprised that Fox News would resort to the same tricks again, now with Sweden.
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    I am Swedish and I have never heard of him (which of course does not say very much). I'm going to check Swedish media for the name, I'll be back...
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    Ok, I have just heard a Swedish interview with this Nils Bildt where he says that the subtitle Fox used was misleading. Nils Bildt is independent, and he also says he has not been working for the Swedish government in any way.

    News source (in Swedish from Sveriges Radio, Sweden's national broadcaster): "Nils Bildt skyller misstag på Fox"
    and Google translate actually did a pretty good job translating the page to English: "Nils Bildt blames mistakes on Fox".
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