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Deferring graduation- hurt my grad school application?

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    I attend university in Hong Kong, where (prior to this year's change to a 4-year program) a typical bachelor degree consists of 3 years of study. I am currently in my 3rd year.

    However, I am strongly considering deferring my graduation and extending my university studies another year, ie. taking 4 years of university.

    I plan to apply to grad school after my bachelors, and am wondering if this extra undergrad year I'm taking will hurt my grad school application.

    Any input much appreciated!

    Reason I want to take an extra year:
    Hong Kong local high schools consist of an extra year (equivalent to a "grade 13"), and thus the reduced 3 years in university.

    However, I attended an international school, which, like American high schools, end at grade 12. So essentially, I took a year less of high school than my university peers, and I would like to take an extra year in university to make up for that, so I would be better prepared for grad school.
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    Aw come on guys, 400+ views and nobody has any input at all?

    A little disappointed. :frown:
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    In order to appease your worries:
    I deferred my graduation by way more than 5 years...that's because where i live we had the option to enroll in a University(to obtain the student status) lets say today,be innactive for years and attend it full time lets say 5-10 years later or more!

    That was valid before the legislation changed last year.The last 4 years i attended the school full time and i am about to graduate in few months time.My degree will be upper second class according to UK universities classifications.

    i will apply next year for grad. study in top Europe universities.Then i will know and give you feedback :-)

    Don't cry for 1 lost year...there is worse...schools only care if you have good grades,good reference letters,job experience and ca$$h to pay(Especially cash).
    Imo,"show them the dough" and you are in.
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