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Definition of 'compatible' operation

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    given a monoid (M,+)
    I define an equivalence relation R on (M,+)

    My question is: what does it mean formally that "the operation + is compatible with the equivalence relation R" ?
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    It means that you can define an operation " +' " on M/R, using the "+" already defined on M by:

    [a] +' := [a + b]

    Where [x] is the x's equivalence class. Note that you may always "sum" two equivalence classes as above, but when "+" is compatible with R, then the result is independent of the representatives, that is, if:

    [a] = [a'], = [b']


    [a] +' = [a'] +' [b'] = [a + b] = [a' + b']
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    Ok! Thanks a lot.
    Is that equivalent to say that R must be a congruence relation on (M,+)?
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    A congruence relation on a universal algebra is defined to be an equivalence relation that is compatible in a similar sense to the above with each of its operations.

    Specifically if [itex]\mathcal{A}[/itex] is a universal algebra with a system of operations [itex]\Omega[/itex], then an equivalence relation [itex]E[/itex] on [itex]\mathcal{A}[/itex] is a congruence iff
    [tex]{(\forall\omega\in\Omega)(\forall a_i,a_i'\in\mathcal{A})a_iEa_i'\Rightarrow a_{i_1}a_{i_2}...a_{i_n}\omega E a_{i_1}'a_{i_2}'...a_{i_n}'\omega\text{ where }\omega\text{ is an }n\text{-ary operation.}}[/tex]
    For nullary operations this necessarily follows from the reflexivity of [itex]E[/itex].

    A monoid has a binary operation (+) and a nullary operation (1). From the final remark in the preceding paragraph an equivalence relation that is compatible with + is a congruence.
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    Thanks for the explanation!
    Now everything is clear.
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