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Definitions of Fractional derivative

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    how many definitions appart from the 'Riemann-Liouville differintegral' to define the fractional derivative of f(x) or [tex] x^{a}f(x) [/tex] for real or complex 'a' are them all equivalents??
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    Gib Z

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    The other variation is the Grunwald-Letnikov Derivative, and all definitions are equivalent. It's pretty pointless if you have 2 different definitions for the same thing..
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    not pointless, but inconsistent.
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    I heard also about Hadamard and Caputo derivatives for fractional calculus could anyone give a link with the definition?

    a great inconvenient i see to Riemann-Liouville differintegral is the fact that for an integer m you must calculate expression [tex] \frac{d^{m}}{dx^{m}} [/tex]
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