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Deflection of light passing close to the sun

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    I would like to know how much light passing close to the sun will be deflected by the suns magnetic field and the increase in density of space around the suns corona.
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    What makes you think that
    a] magnetic fields deflect light, and
    b] space has a density?
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    I don't believe the magnetic field would affect the light. However the gravity would definately. Not sure how much though.
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    1.75 arc seconds is relativity's prediction, and what Eddington measured in 1919.
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    Space is not a true vacum, The solar wind is measured by its proton and electron flux, the closer you get to the suns corona the density of the protons and electrons will be much greater compared to the surounding space. I am not sure if this is dense enough to affect the passage of light.
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    Even near the surface of the sun matter density is too low to measurable divert the path of photons.
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