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Medical Degenerating intellect after 40's?

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    Is there any such thing that human ability to reason or human powers of intellect or wisdom starts decaying after 40 years of age? If yes, what's the reason?
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    Do you think with the craze of a few online brain exercises that the degeneration of intellect will be slowed. I have been reading a lot on this lately and get mixed reviews. Most are leading towards saying how the more you use it the better it gets. For instance, I like playing on http://www.fitbrains.com/games. Will this type of stuff help?
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    Welcome to PF, Michael.
    Pretty much anything that exercises your brain will help. I've never looked into the kind of thing that you're talking about, but crossword and jigsaw puzzles seem to help me. I also like to watch Jeopardy and try to beat the contestants to the answers.
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    Fitbrain.com is awesome, I play a few games a day. It really does help keep you sharp.
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    I favor thinking games, chess, checkers, bridge, go. Don't stick to one.
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    degeneration is multifactorial. one issue is nutritional. old people have reduced capacity to digest their food. for example, reduced stomach acid leads to cobalamin remaining bound to the protein in meat, which results in B12 deficiency.

    maybe not the best examples, but a couple i found quickly:

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    the studies I've seen show that people lose some computational speed and agility as they age, but they also may develop new ways to utilize past experience and as such, may actually perform better in certain situations where computational speed is not the only factor leading to "success" (whatever that is).
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