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I Delayed choice quantum eraser with actual 'choice'?

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    The Wikipedia article on the delayed choice quantum eraser is mostly about Kim's experiment where there's IMHO not really a 'choice' about the erasure of the path information, at least not by the experimentators. Have such experiments also been performed where this choice is more controllable, e.g. by mechanically inserting a beam splitter to make the idler photons indistinguishable (after the signal photon already hit the screen)?

    If yes, how was this choice made? I guess all those experiments are faster than a human could press a button. But normal random number generators might present the same possibilities for loopholes as Bell test experiments.
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    There actually was a similar experiment just a few weeks ago in which they crowdsourced random choices to internet users all around the world. I don't know if the outcomes have been announced yet though.
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    Ah, yes! The Big Bell Test -- http://www.thebigbelltest.org/
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