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Dentist Recommended MYNTZ! Brand Mints

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    I bought these and they are quite nice, but the marketing seems heavy?

    Mouth Acid Neutralizing
    Does Not Promote tooth decay
    Net Carbs less than 1g in 3 Myntz!
    Contains No Animal Products

    "Dentist Recommended"

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    That tag-line has been around since snake-oil was invented.
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    Jeez, this is only recommended by one dentist? It should be at least 4 out of 5 :smile:
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    Nonsense. At MINIMUM 4.666... out of 5.
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    It's not that these specific mints reduce acid, they're nothing special, but increased saliva can reduce the acid levels in your mouth, usually sugar free gum is recommended, but sucking on hard candies will also increase saliva. It seems that the addition of the sugar substitute xylitol may be an added benefit. Basically, any sugar free gum or lozenge will increase saliva.

    http://jada.ada.org/content/142/9/1065.full.pdf [Broken]
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