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Derek Jeter: 3000th hit a home run!

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    Doc Al

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    I'm no baseball fan, but this is pretty cool:

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    Almost as good as a 3000th post on PF. :biggrin:
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    Jeter is a true baseball star, unlike many of his steroid-fueled compatriats. I'm not a fan of major league baseball, but I have a soft spot for players that can make carefully-aimed hits to drive in base-runners instead of swinging for the fences every time. In HS, my coach replaced an erratic large 2nd baseman with me, because I could reliably hit to the opposite field and race out the return throw to first. That didn't make me real popular with some players on the team, but it won us some extra games against long-time rivals. Home-runs and doubles are fun if you can pull it off, but well-played singles are so critical to moving your runners around, and causing confusion/conflict amongst the opposing fielders as they try to figure out how to take out the runners. Jeter is a journeyman, and deserves his accolades, IMO.
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    I thought a "journeyman" referred to somebody who has played on many different teams in their professional career? At any rate, I agree with the sentiment that Jeeter is one of the all time greats. Still can't get over that none of the other great Yankees have done this.
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