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A home, or domicile, is a space used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for an individual, group or family. It is a fully or semi sheltered space and can have both interior and exterior aspects to it.
Homes provide sheltered spaces for instance rooms, where domestic activity can be performed such as sleeping, preparing food, eating and hygiene as well as providing spaces for work and leisure such as remote working, studying and playing.
Physical forms of homes can be static such as a house or an apartment, mobile such as a houseboat, trailer or yurt or digital such as virtual space. The aspect of ‘home’ can be considered across scales, from the microscale showcasing the most intimate spaces of the individual dwelling and direct surrounding area to the macro scale of the geographic area such as town, village, city, country or planet.
A principle of constitutional law in many countries, related to the right to privacy enshrined in article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the inviolability of the home as an individual's place of shelter and refuge.
The concept of ‘home’ has been researched and theorized across disciplines - topics ranging from the idea of home, the interior, the psyche, liminal space, contested space to gender and politics. Such topics can be found in the writings of Gaston Bachelard, Jean Baudrillard, Mrs Isabella Beeton, Pierre Bourdieu, Beatriz Colomina, Le Corbusier, Mary Douglas, Diana Fuss, Dolores Hayden, Martin Heidegger, Henri Lefebvre, Edith Wharton amongst many others. Discussions of home can help better understand and challenge perceptions of self and the extension of self.
Places of residence do not necessarily correlate with associations to the home; the home consists of a physical space as well as an emotional and psychological relationship, where memory, comfort, activity and familiarity are some many important factors in the construction of home. Amongst being a space of domestic activity the home in the 21st century has appropriated new meanings with the advance of technology, therefore enabling multiple activities to be performed within a singular space. The home blurs boundaries of the domestic, the professional and the leisurely and conceptually becomes an amorphous space.The home as a concept expands beyond residence as contemporary lifestyles and technological advances redefine the way the global population lives and works.

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  1. E

    B Radon222 vs 223 exposure at home

    I read 80% of Radon that can get into the house is from U-238 isotope. But how about Radon 223 (from U-235). Does this comprise the remaining 20% that can get into a house? If it doesn't, then what components are the remaining 20%?
  2. Edwina Lee

    B Home mobile air conditioning: Is this a contradiction to thermodynamics?

    I am seeing lots of brands of home portable air conditioners to cool rooms. They are sold through well known nationwide chains such as Currys, Argos in the UK. Customer feedback shows that they really work. But why would they work??? Surely, these portable aircons need to take away heat from...
  3. Astronuc

    Meteorite - home delivery - and warm

    Apparent meteorite crashes through roof of home: "It was warm" https://www.yahoo.com/news/apparent-meteorite-crashes-roof-home-132553636.html
  4. Steven Ellet

    Growing Fuzzy Potatoes at Home

    I put a russet potato in a clear plastic container with a dish of water. It had sprouted potato tubers(I think that's the right term) but I waited too long... it now has roots and white fur. Is there a reasonable change I can still get a plant out of it, or should I just start over?
  5. I

    Calculating the energy savings of an insulated cavity in home wall construction

    I am a client who bought a new house and the cavity in the wall was not insulated. I can calculate the U value of the uninsulated wall and the U Value of the wall if it were insulated correctly. front the two different U values I want to calculate how much extra energy is being lost through a...
  6. Pythagorean

    Stirling Engines for Home Power

    Would it be a feasible power source to have several Stirling Engines sticking through an outdoor wall near your fire place in a cold climate? Issues I can think of: Presumably it would be a heat sink and require you to consume more firewood. Engineering it to not have passive leaks might be...
  7. D

    Home project: Kilogram Force on wheel bearings

    Hi all. I'm designing a custom spare wheel carrier for my 4wd and currently seeking knowledge on which bearings to use, so I need to work out what force on the bearings will be when it's open (closed will be locked and fully supported!) The example image is simplified for calculation. Close...
  8. Saba_467

    Chemistry projects that I can create at home

    There is no laboratory in my school ,looking for best chemistry project ideas for the 12th class students at minimal cost and that can be prepared at home . need suggestions on this,response would be appreciated
  9. Astronuc

    Screen flickering with Windows 11 Home on new computer

    My wife just bought a new Dell computer because the HD on her old computer went bad. The computer is a minitower. She is using the old VGA monitor through an HDMI adaptor (using HDMI to VGA cable). Could that be the problem? Occasionally, the monitor screen goes blue and she has to restart...
  10. J

    Lawn/Garden Home project help please - max wind speed to tip over object

    Hi guys, thanks for helping me! I am working on a home project that includes a privacy shade for my backyard. I have a 6'x15' vertical shade attached to two portable posts that are held up right by four legs ("X" shaped footprint). the surface footprint of the legs covers an area of 46"x70". I...
  11. ergospherical

    Spiderman: No Way Home - Impressive VFX & Nice Score

    I just got back from the cinema - really enjoyed this one! Very simple concept but well executed, with a good mix of both comedic and poignant moments (along with a hearty portion of fan-service). And, as you come to expect from Marvel, impressive VFX (especially whenever Dr Strange & the mirror...
  12. DaveC426913

    "Magic" AA batteries in a home device?

    I am mystified. My number-combo door lock (one of two I have) is powered by 4 AA batteries. It has been working for so long I don't remember when I installed it - musta been ten years at least. The batteries have begun to run down - it labours to retract the dead bolt now - so it's time to...
  13. billyt_

    Misc. In desperate need for a DIY experiment that I can do at home

    I am doing a project for Physics at the moment, and I am really struggling to come up with ideas. By that I mean, I have plenty of ideas but none of them are really feasible for what I am doing, i.e., impractical to do at home (too much work in doing the actual experiment), or that the actual...
  14. kyphysics

    Can Home Repair or Renovations Reduce One's Taxes?

    I've Googled this a little bit after an old college friend mentioned to me that her parents supposedly used some method like this to reduce their taxes regularly (she seemed to imply they did this "frequently" on the recommendation of their accountant - maybe not every year, but it sounded like...
  15. C

    B Cooling the room with a ceiling fan and skylight window

    Hello, So I know that a ceiling fan either operate clockwise (winter mode) or counter-clockwise (summer mode) and while the fan is meant for just moving air around, I'm wondering if utilizing a ceiling fan and an opened skylight window only a few feet near the ceiling fan would help move the...
  16. kyphysics

    Home Repair & Maintenance Advice for Newbie?

    I don't own a home and do not plan to in the near future. However, I've been working on some pet DIY projects with my uncle on my father's house, some church and other properties of mutual friends/acquaintances. My dad's not in the greatest health and doesn't have much home repair and...
  17. ubergewehr273

    Studying Advice for studying at home during the pandemic

    Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well in these tough times. Currently my country is going through one of the toughest second waves of Covid and frankly seeing the news is terrifying to say the least. Being at home, I've noticed that I haven't been able to study for a significant period of...
  18. A

    Classical Home Experiment / Demo / Training Kit for students to use at home?

    Dear all, could you kindly recommend Physics Demo home kits (mechanics, Optics, Sound, Electricity/Magnetism) for secondary school level, to practice and learn at home? many thanks
  19. F

    Electrical Daisy-chained, parallel or series? (failed outlets in home)

    Hello Forum, Some of my electrical outlets (3) in the kitchen stopped working (one of them is a GFCI outlet). Reading online, I found out that outlets are generally connect in a daisy-chain fashion and if one goes back they all stop working. See the figure below showing a daisy chain...
  20. BWV

    Physicists Fix Economics: Ole Peters' Ergodic Hypothesis

    Nature recently published this piece with another physicist (Ole Peters from the Santa Fe Institute) trying to 'fix' economics: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41567-019-0732-0 With a short paper that, to my reading, just comes up with a toy model of geometric brownian motion with a small...
  21. kyphysics

    I Could Physically Slamming on a Table Damage the Home Floor/Structure?

    Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I had a heated argument with my parents in their home (where I reside temporarily too). Out of anger, I physically slammed my arms down on their dinner table extremely hard. I was in a rage (b/c they went out during COVID's surge when we've already lost a family...
  22. kyphysics

    Are Home Termite Warranties Worth It?

    You have to pay $100-$200/year. You get one annual inspection. IF you are found to have termites, they will only treat your house to kill the termites. They are not responsible for the damage done to your house. So, if in November 2020, your termite company inspects and sees no termites (or...
  23. dcybroz

    What do I need for a home lab?

    Ok so I am an 8th-grader in Pakistan and I am highly interested in chemistry. I am also thinking about majoring in chemistry for 9th-grade. I watched some of NileReds videos about some chemical experiments like the chemical traffic light (chemical oxidization) and others. But I don't know where...
  24. kyphysics

    Mothballs (to rid cockroaches) are safe to use in a home, right?

    Been looking up cockroach solutions and came across the use of mothballs (as they dislike the smell that is apparently poisonous). Quick question: Given these mothballs are poisonous, how safe is it to use them? How many would you use and how often - it any/at all? Thanks in advance for your...
  25. J

    Degree or Certificate for General Contractor? Home maintenance remodel

    I'm looking to learn how to do basic home maintenance such as: Roof repair Bathtub install Tile flooring Install wood flooring Shower stall demo and install How to add ceiling lights Driveway install Basic things that come with owning a home. I believe that the people who do these type of...
  26. PatrickR

    B Testing the effect of Gravity at home....

    Hi ... air resistance is the reason that objects of different mass fall to Earth at different speeds. In a vacuum all objects fall to Earth at the same rate regardless of mass. OK - I get it but all the experiments that illustrate this tend to rely on tall buildings or massive vacuum chambers...
  27. LentilSoup7

    Home experiment - 'seeing' magnetic lines of force?

    Thought of doing this one years ago! Basically, I want to 'see' the magnetic force lines that surround a conductor when energized (with an alternating current). I appreciate that what I will see (or at least I am hoping to see) is the pattern formed by the iron dust in response the the field...
  28. manareus

    Can scientific papers be made at home and only by searching on the internet?

    Hello, I'm the head of youth scientific club at my High School. Because there's a pandemic going on, schools are closed and god knows when they reopen. Earlier before, I have a couple of programs that are being planned to produce scientific papers but they are all postponed. Now, all my...
  29. Zaya Bell

    Testing How to perform a major physics experiment at home

    Hello there, I am a physics undergraduate and one trying to be very practical. I try to study a lot, to understand the principles and everything and get how all this knowledge came to existence. However, except for the little and not-very-modern experiments we carry out in our school I have no...
  30. berkeman

    Reflective inserts for home gas fireplaces

    I guess this applies to wood-burning fireplaces as well, but they will require more frequent reflector surface cleaning. Our gas fireplace is fairly warm, but it's clear that it's not as efficient as it could be. It seems like reflective back and side inserts would reflect a lot more of the IR...
  31. K

    Making a custom DIY light switch safe for home use

    Hi I’m making a custom lamp for a Christmas present and want to create a custom on off switch to go with it. The switch part is easy, just make a mechanism that breaks or completes a circuit, but I’m not sure what to do to insure it doesn’t electrocute the user, or burst into flames. If I...
  32. Wrichik Basu

    Is a VPN required for a WiFi hotspot meant only for a home?

    As discussed in this thread, I could convert my desktop PC to a WiFi hotspot, and it is working fine, with a more-or-less good range and a good speed. Connectify, the software that I am using, is advising me to install a VPN and is advertising their own VPN software (which, by the way, goes by...
  33. qnach

    The history of the home water filter

    Now home water filter is ubiquitous using almost every family. I am wondering who designed such systems (and become its standard form used today) ? I think after second world war the New York water is pretty dirty hence the development of such filter. But I am not sure whether it is correct or not.
  34. anorlunda

    What can we learn from a friend's solar home data in Vermont?

    I visited a friend who has a very nice solar installation. He also has the software to do data collection and presentation. I thought it would be nice to share some of his data here. Perhaps we can link to this post as a reference in future solar discussions. First, some background. The...
  35. S

    What is your favourite home router brand?

    I am from Germany and have tried these router brands: - AVM - Telekom - TP-Link - Asus I like AVM the most because it has a clean web interface with many functions and detailed information. I wonder what router brands there are in your countries and what your favorite router brands are? It...
  36. K

    Any problem when a home power switch is staying between ON and OFF?

    I have a socket on the wall , because of the size of the adapter, the switch on the socket is always stayed between "ON" and "OFF" while it serves and works. From the electrical point of view, is it a complete circuit inside? is there any partial complete circuit which may be a problem?
  37. J

    Problems Using Windows 10 Home mRemoteNG to remote into Windows 7 Pro

    Hi, I'm remoting from a Windows 10 Home laptop into my office Windows 7 Pro desktop using mRemoteNG on the Windows 10 laptop. I get a super tiny mouse in the remote session. Back in the laptop all is fine. Its so small and annoying! Everything else is fine, but the teeny mouse is a real...
  38. OmCheeto

    Fossil fuel reserves and home heating

    Given that: When will fossil fuel reserves be diminished? "The new formula is modified from the Klass model and thus assumes a continuous compound rate and computes fossil fuel reserve depletion times for oil, coal and gas of approximately 35, 107 and 37 years, respectively." [bolding mine] 36...
  39. A

    Electrical generation from used water in my home

    Hi everyone. I was just out in my back garden and was watching the water from someone's shower pour down the pipe and out into a drain. I was thinking if all of the used water from my house just goes down a drain then why not try make use of it. If the water system continues after use and takes...
  40. ORF

    How can KCl be enriched in 40K at home?

    Hello, I have pure KCl, but its natural radioactivity is low. I would like to increase it at least by a factor of 10. Is there any simple way (diy) for enriching the natural KCl in 40K? Alternatively, is there a compound with higher concentration of potassium (in volume) than KCl, and that you...
  41. MotoMike

    Home Brew RF dummy load showing reactance at higher frequencies

    I searched for dummy loads and found nothing on point. If there is and I missed it I apologize. If this is not correct section let me know and I will re-post. We need a high power dummy load in the 4kw range. for the amateur hf bands. The oil cooled "cantenna" type are at the most 1.5 kw...
  42. berkeman

    Amazing HEMS rescue of injured skier (don't try this at home)

    Wow, what amazing flying skill, and at high altitude no less! :smile: https://www.cnn.com/videos/travel/2019/01/09/french-alps-helicopter-rescue-ns-roth-orig.cnn
  43. davenn

    2018-12-15 .... large storms, around home today

    hi guys Some serious storms from West Ryde, NSW, Australia today, 15 Dec 2018 from home and wharf at end of my street. The lightning strikes are frame grabs from video All images from a Canon 6D
  44. B

    Other Learning Astrophysics from home.

    I am interested in learning astrophysics and all the associated sciences and math, though I cannot afford schooling and am not nessecarily interested in a degree in the field. I have been interested in science fiction and the prospect of exo-planets and space travel for many years and would...
  45. Janus

    Have you ever revisited your childhood home and found it unrecognizable?

    Recent experience has shown me just how true this is. Last week, We took a short trip to the beach. We took a different route than we usually do, one that took us through an area where I lived from 6th -12th grade. I took the opportunity to drive my wife past the house we used to live in. It...
  46. R

    I What to do with unused space in a home freezer?

    Our home food freezer (ca. 14cu ft) is bigger than we really need. I am planning to fill one shelf with 8-12 gallon jugs of water, with the intent of using its high latent heat of fusion to help keep the contents cold during a power outage. Is this volume actually enough to make a meaningful...
  47. sophiecentaur

    Stargazing What Causes the NEQ6 Pro Mount to Have 'Brain Failure' During Alignment?

    I have noticed a number of Skywatcher mounts in pictures posted on this thread so I guess there must be quite a few 'EQ' owners with loads of experience in these mounts. I know how to polar align and how to input location and time details. Also I often successfully do 3 star alignment and...
  48. John Lutz

    Regarding Home Lab made to study crystallography

    1) Is it possible to create crystals at home beyond child crystal kits one can buy? I'm very serious about putting work into studying and growing crystals. If so, what do I need? 2) Also how would it be possible to introduce vacancies in crystal growth ? I have heard of things like ionic...