Derivation of the Equilibrium Constant

  1. I'm trying to understand this:
    And there are few steps that I don't get. My first question is probably a stupid one, but where does the [tex]\Sigma[/tex]v[tex]_{j}[/tex]A[tex]_{j}[/tex]=0 come from? What exactly is it summing up, the number of atoms? Are you assuming that the products side is negative? (Because I don't see how else you would get zero) And why does it only go up to n?

    I'll ask my other questions after I get some replies because it's possible I'll figure them out after I read the replies.
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  3. Borek

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    My guess is it is just a mass conservation, and yes, products are negative.
  4. Ok, but why does it only sum up to n? The first equation in the derivation shows the first product being n but then shows more products after that. If it was mass conservation, wouldn't it have to sum passed n?
  5. Borek

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    Where does it sum only to n? It sums for all j.
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