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Describing polarization of a coheret state parametrizing on poincare sphere

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    Just a comment:
    There are some questions that pass unanswered for hidden reasons.

    Some suggest they don't answer it for being pointless. I'm always suspicious when this happens, because this is not consistent with the behavious of these same people when faced with other questions.

    Some don't answer simply because they don't know.

    It seems to this questions involves vary basic know]edge on the subject and that I can't answer it just because I was not introduced to it. And I refer to an honest introduction, not some ego trip presentation/text by someone who either does not understand well the subject(simple as it may be) or intentionally mystifies it to pose as "the smart guy/high arcanist".

    So I'd like to ask for, at least, your impressions on this question. At simple as it may be. Just like "I don't know", "I know but I wont tell because of the effort involved", "I'm also confused by these projections", "I think there is something wrong with these projections" etc.
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