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Homework Help: Determining the Speed of two cars before their collision

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    Im completely lost and wanted to know how i can start this. There were two cars that got into a collision and hooked bumpers. How can i determine what the speed of the cars was before they hit each other. All i no is that i can measure the skid marks, but like what else? I have to like write a procedure. Just some general help would be great. Thanks a lot for your help!
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    Are you supposed to come up with pragmatic methods that you can actually use? Skid marks are crucial, as are scuff marks and gouge marks. Inspections of the road surface (to determine friction), interviews of witnesses, and inspections of vehicular damage also contribute to speed estimates.

    Vehicular accident investigation (this is what you should google for) is an entire discipline that's in no way simple or straightforward.
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