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Deuterium + Antideuterium Annihilation

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    Does anyone have a reference for the details of energy and by-products produced in an annihilation reaction of a matter deuterium atom [np]e- with anti-matter antideuterium atom [p[itex]^{\overline{}}[/itex]n[itex]^{\overline{}}[/itex]]e+ (note: is there a better Latex code for putting bar to show antimatter ?)

    As I understand the situation energy would be released two basic ways:

    1. Interaction of the two leptons e-(electron) and e+ (positron) associated with the proton p and antiproton p[itex]^{\overline{}}[/itex]

    2. Interaction of the four nucleons (p,p[itex]^{\overline{}}[/itex],n,n[itex]^{\overline{}}[/itex]) associated with the two atoms, one matter [np] the other antimatter [p[itex]^{\overline{}}[/itex]n[itex]^{\overline{}}[/itex]].

    I am interested in the details, all the predicted steps such a reaction would take. Thank you
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    I don't think this annihilation reaction was ever studied - it is hard to produce significant amounts of antideuterium, and this is so hot that only a tiny fraction could be cooled and stored. And then you still have to add a positron.

    As for all baryon/antibaryon annihilations, I would expect many pions, sometimes together with [a proton or a neutron] and [an antiproton or an antineutron]. The leptons could annihilate, too, but I don't think they have to.

    I am sure there is software to simulate that.
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