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  1. Basil Currie

    B Fusion of Hydrogen Isotopes

    Hi, Does a T-D or a D-D fusion release more energy? Even if D-D needs higher temperatures, would it produce more energy in a fusion reactor?
  2. neilparker62

    I Measure ionization energy (Hydrogen/Deuterium)

    Just wondering if there's any accurate method for direct measurement of the ionization energy of atomic Hydrogen and/or Deuterium ? There's lots of measurements on transitions between various hydrogen/deuterium energy levels but not (it seems) to the limit where n = infinity. Alternatively...
  3. H

    How to simulate a D-D neutron generator with MCNP6?

    Hello everybody, I am performing some experiments with a neutron generator. Specifically D-D reactions. I am trying to replicate the measurements with MCNP6, but I do not know how can I simulate the neutron generator with MCNP6 since the neutrons have a angular distribution. For MCNPX there was...
  4. P

    I State of the Universe if we increase/decrease the binding energy of deuterium

    [Sorry for the vague title, had a limit.] I have a question given in my Astronomy class: Below is a list of possible ways in which the universe could have been different. Some of these changes would make life as we know it impossible in our universe. Tick the boxes next to all the changes that...
  5. N

    Deuterium and Tritium Density

    Hey, I've been searching around online, and I can't find anything on the individual densities of D2 an T3, only the mean density of all hydrogen isotopes. Thanks, NWFusor
  6. N

    Hydrogen, Deuterium, and Tritium Ionization Spectra

    Hello Everybody, I'm looking in to spectral analysis, and I couldn't find anything online about the spectra of different isotopes in discharge tubes (i.e. neon signs and the like ). Do different hydrogen isotopes have different spectra? If so, where could I find the data on the spectra? Thanks...
  7. ScepticAmatuer

    H2O, HDO, D2O equilibrium concentrations

    I have seen something to this effect stated dozens of times on the internet : "..because the deuterons and the protons are exchanging so quickly, you will end up with a statistical distribution: 25% H2O, 25% D2O, and 50% HDO." They are referring to a sample of water which is 50 atom %...
  8. neilparker62

    Questions on the Lyman Alpha Profile

    A few questions about the solar Lyman Alpha profile as presented here. 1) This is from a 1978 study - are there more recent (higher resolution) profiles ? 2) The scale at the bottom is confusing - how does it relate to a wavelength scale ? 3) Where in the profile is the actual Lyman alpha line...
  9. T

    D/H ratios of comets

    Comets have high Deuterium to Hydrogen ratios. They are enriched with extra neutrons. Comets periodically plunge close to the sun. And, the sun generates flares, which generate neutrons. Separately, I wonder if those neutrons come from fusion of solar corona gas, trapped on magnetic field...