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Developing Mathmatical Maturitiy

  1. Jun 4, 2010 #1
    The most dreaded words in a mathmatical text. This usually translates into some time banging your head against a wall. Why do people do this to students?

    Besides blood sweat and tears what can be done to make the stuff more accesible. I am not a math major but I like to study the stuff because I think its cool but its take a while to get the stuff. Sometimes I am just reading a single paragraph or section of a proof for hours until it smack me in the head. (doing rudin Real analysis)

    There has to be a better way I would think, I am redoing my fundementals in calc again, hopefully that helps
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    For one thing, you're doing yourself a disservice by using Rudin as a primary source. It's not meant to be one, it's a book mostly known for its terse exposition and difficult problems. It's geared at those who already know the subject well.
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    Isn't that the way it goes learning anything? (Unless, of course, you are a savant.)

    My suggestion is study for a while, then walk away. Math needs to soak in. Maybe when you go back it will make more sense.
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    It's not the students fault, it's poor explanations! Don't sweat it - try to gather as many resources as you can to try to take bits and pieces from them all until it makes sense (what the authors should have done before writing a book...)

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