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Diagnostic medical sonography

  1. Dec 11, 2009 #1
    Ultrasound tech.

    Entrance Requirements

    Students must have successfully completed the following with a minimum average of 60%:

    * English 30-1 (English 30)
    * Math 30-1 (Pure)
    * Biology 30
    * Physics 30
    * Chemistry 20

    I am in grade 11, currently stuggeling with physics. I have a 70 average in english 20 currently. I have math 10 pure, 68% average.

    Should I try and pursue this career choice? Do you have any tips for me?
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    I think ultrasonography is a good career choice.

    The pros:
    - lots of opportunity to work in various medical areas: private diagnostic centres, hospitals, research centres, etc.
    - reasonable pay
    - regular hours
    - ~2 year comunity college program means you can get into it quickly

    The cons:
    - I'm not sure that there's a lot of opportunity for advancement in the field. You might move up to a manager in a larger centre, but for the most part you won't gain too many new responsibilies as time goes by.
    - Aside from different types of scans, you're essentially doing the same thing every day.

    My understanding is that UST programs can be competative to get into. The only specific person I know who went through one already had a university degree. So if you want to get in, it's best to start pulling up your socks now and get the best marks you can. A solid background in physics and math will help you, so make sure that you stick with those courses.
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