1. areamer02

    How do peak flow meters measure flow rate?

    I am in pharmacy school and my professor recently went over lung diseases with us. An important (and cheap) tool that many patients can use to detect whether their lung function is declining is a peak flow meter, which tells the patient how much air they are moving when they exhale with as much...
  2. callie123

    Can an immune person be the key to finding the cure to a disease?

    Hey, I'm writing a science-fiction novel, and trying to keep as much "sci" in there as I can! Scenario: A character has been successfully cured of a deadly disease, using cool (insert hand wave) stuff. But all records of the cure have been destroyed (files of info, samples, etc). Now the...
  3. D

    The Cardiac Cycle

    I am unsure about the underlined parts of the cardiac cycle. I was taught that the cardiac cycle started when the blood flowed into the atrium, but wouldn't there be a period when both artia and ventricles are at diastole simultaneously? For the second underlined part I was taught and read that...
  4. prashantakerkar

    Medical Surgery in Coma condition Can Surgery be done for a patient who is in Coma? If no, What is the medical reason ? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  5. AgusCF

    I Planar Fluence

    Hello everyone, Suppose a situation where you have a broad plane-parallele beem of electrons wich is perpendiculary incident upon a thin foil wich scatters the e- for an angle X. I did calculus and the ratio of flux density below the foil respect with the foil remove is 1.06. But, What are the...
  6. TranscedentKid

    Features of CRISPR-Gold?

    Why is gold un-reactive enough to be used as nanoparticles? Why do cells preform endocytosis upon detection of the gold delivery system? What are the chemical receptors active? Why is does it cause less genetic damage than doing it virally? Is this system partly designed to change the DNA of...
  7. SilverJW

    Bicep curling spring device questions

    Dear Forum, Please advice. I have a project where I'll be implementing a device that helps with Bicep Curls, adding resistance to it. So I have an idea with 2 pieces of guards, one on the forearm and one on the biceps, it will be conjoined through a latch in the middle which will rest in...
  8. E

    Programs Switching from a biomedical physics major to physics

    I'm currently doing a biomedical physics major because it's the best choice to follow the med school track in something physics related, and is a really good fallback plan as my advisor described it. Now my true passion is in physics and I really wanna get a PhD later on, so if I didn't make it...
  9. A

    Why some of our cells cease to divide by mitosis

    Hi, this question has been bugging me off..why some of our cells like heart cells or nerve cells do not divide once they reach the maturity? As we know, our cells constantly divide to replace the old or dead cells so why this happen to these two cells ? And it is true only our nerve,heart and...
  10. xkarinax

    Biology High School Biology Difficulties and my Future Career Plans as a Doctor

    Hello. I plan on being a doctor when I finish high school, but I’ve had some trouble with science. My grades aren’t bad or anything but right now, I find biology dull and boring. We’re learning about cells, mitosis, and similar stuff and I just can’t get into it. Does this mean life sciences...
  11. jim mcnamara

    Alzheimers disease and glycolysis

    NIH news release: To start with, this does NOT prove a link between glucose blood levels and Alzheimers onset. Or more simply put, this paper does not say: sugar causes Alzheimers. Why...
  12. Delta31415

    Other Physics and Medicine

    Well I have a few questions, for the past few months and weeks, my parents have been constantly bugging me to be a doctor [I just became a senior, like today; I will be applying to college in a few months, so I need to be thinking about majors and stuff]. My problem is I don’t hate medicine, its...
  13. Tyler28

    Physics in the Medical field

    Just a few questions I'm looking for my future career decisions anything would be more than helpful, I'm only a freshman as of now. first off, what major ways does physics influence the medical field? second, what engineering influences are there in typical medical practice? last, how can one...
  14. N

    Biology A Career in nanomedicine

    I would like to do research on nano medicine such as creating drug delivery systems and smart drugs i need to know what kind of bachelor i should do and which universities offer the best research in this area in America and how to progress from the bachelor to a full time researcher ?
  15. C

    Physician-Assisted Death

    Where do you stand on the issue of physician-assisted death? In Canada this issue has been a leading news story over the last year or so. See for example: Alberta Doctors Prepare for 'Culture-Shift' Created by Physician Assisted Death. Physician-assisted death is where a competent person...
  16. Serena

    To what extent is therapeutic tDCS used nowadays?

    Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a form of neurostimulation which uses constant, low current delivered to the brain area of interest via electrodes on the scalp. It was originally developed to help patients with brain injuries such as strokes and depression. To what extent...
  17. D

    Programs What major usually entitles a student to a better job?

    Information Technology or Health Services Administration? Will acquiring a Bachelors in these majors plus an internship lead to a stable and efficient career? Please give me the pros and cons of each major. Thanks.
  18. D

    Do you need a Masters in HSA (Health Services Administration) to be entitled to a good job?

    I am currently on the path to receive my AA in General Studies by the Spring of 2016. From there, I will transfer to University and intend to acquire a BS in Information Technology. I previously wanted to major in Psychology but realize I do not want to enroll in another 6 years to complete...
  19. Ygggdrasil

    Insights What Causes Cancer: Bad Luck or Bad Lifestyles? - Comments

    Ygggdrasil submitted a new PF Insights post What Causes Cancer: Bad Luck or Bad Lifestyles? Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  20. Spicy Italian

    Medical Medical Imaging Presentation Ideas

    Hello, I am wondering if the boards can reccomend any topics of medical imaging in healthcare. I have to make a presentation on the topic and write a paper. The paper must only be sourced from peer reviewed articles or government statistics. So it should be realitvely well known. I believe...
  21. E

    Medical Physics Placements

    Hi! I'm currently looking for a placement in Medical Physics, either Summer or year-long. It would preferably be either in the UK or New Zealand. I'm a second year BSc Physics with Medical Physics and achieved a First in my first year. Could anyone recommend any companies or hospitals that...
  22. T

    Flexible material that quickly dissolves in rubbing alcohol

    Hello! I'm looking for a substance that can: (1) be turned into a flexible material (e.g., a flexible plastic), (2) is dissolveable in rubbing alcohol but not water (or blood), and (3) safe for a medical procedure .... And, if possible, preferably biodegradable... I know that's kind of a...