Did anyone ever participate in the UNM Los Alamos REU?

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In summary, the conversation is about two individuals discussing their acceptance into a REU program at Los Alamos National Laboratory. They both express excitement about the program and mention the weather and location of the laboratory. They also mention the projects list and activities available in the area. One person shares a blog of a former participant for more information.
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I was wondering if anyone here has previously participated in this REU. I got accepted into this one about a week and a half ago, but I have yet to accept their acceptance - they gave me a week to respond but I asked for an extension which they granted. I applied to about 20 REUs in math and physics and I wasn't necessarily expecting to hear back from one this soon, I'm not even sure I ever had them sent a second recommendation letter... Its at Los Alamos National Laboratory (2.2 billion dollar budget and a pretty fancy history) which I really don't want to just brush off but I wish I had more time to see what my options are. It is in the middle of the desert though, where summer is apparently their rainy lightning storm season. I was kinda crossing my fingers for either Chicago or Cornell (as I'm sure a lot of people are), but I am not even sure how to begin comparing the programs. I also got accepted into the Indiana REU which looks pretty good, but I was kinda leaning towards Los Alamos over this one - unless someone here knows better. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hey i got accepted in that program aswell. It a really cool program. Dont let the weather bother you. And to answer your question about how good it is, i had a professor who attended this program when he was an undergraduate and said it was the thing that made him want to do physics the rest of his life.
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Thanks for the reply - I ended up accepting their offer. Are you going to be there this summer?
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Yep i will be there this summer. I think it will be a lot of fun. I am still waiting on them to release the projects list for this summer.
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I did this last year. Great program, great faculty, and NM in the summer was great. Hiking and biking and whatnot. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. acaps@ucla.edu
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Short Circuit, I'm also waiting for them to release the projects list, but if they are anything like the projects they've offered the last few years it seems like it will be great. What school do you go to? I go to the University of Scranton... I came across this blog of a former participant: http://lanlandy.edublogs.org/ Its very informative - after reading a few of the posts I'm pretty excited about los alamos.

Alex, Thank you for the reply; Maybe I will finally break my 10 year streak of physical latency... I'll probably have some questions for you as the summer nears - I appreciate your offering to answer them.

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PeteHat said:
It is in the middle of the desert though, where summer is apparently their rainy lightning storm season.

No, Los Alamos is in the mountains (elevation 7500 feet). The summer is the monsoon season (i.e., thunderstorms), but these tend to last less than 30 minutes, and occur at roughly the same time late each afternoon, and then it's sunny and nice the rest of the time. The weather is really very nice that time of year, all things considered. If there's a reason to avoid Los Alamos, it's that it's a very small town without a terribly interesting social scene, particularly for people in their 20's. On the other hand, if you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, river rafting (and skiing in the winter), Los Alamos is hard to beat. Also, it's very scenic and the food is awesome.

1. What is the UNM Los Alamos REU program?

The UNM Los Alamos REU program is a summer research program for undergraduate students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It is hosted by the University of New Mexico in partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratory and provides students with hands-on research experience, professional development, and networking opportunities.

2. Who is eligible to participate in the UNM Los Alamos REU?

Undergraduate students who are enrolled in a STEM program and have completed at least one year of coursework are eligible to apply for the UNM Los Alamos REU program. Students must also be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

3. How do I apply to the UNM Los Alamos REU program?

To apply for the UNM Los Alamos REU program, you must submit an online application form, a personal statement, a resume, academic transcripts, and two letters of recommendation. The application deadline is usually in early February, and selected participants will be notified by mid-March.

4. Is the UNM Los Alamos REU program paid?

Yes, participants in the UNM Los Alamos REU program receive a stipend of $5000 for the 10-week program. Additionally, housing and travel expenses are covered for out-of-state students.

5. What research areas are available for the UNM Los Alamos REU program?

The UNM Los Alamos REU program offers research opportunities in various STEM fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, computer science, and engineering. Students can choose from a list of available projects or propose their own research topic, depending on their interests and qualifications.

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