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Reu or Ragau (Hebrew: רְעוּ‎ – Rə'ū; Greek: Ῥαγαύ – Rhagaú) in Genesis was the son of Peleg and the father of Serug, thus being Abraham's great-great-grandfather and the ancestor of the Isrealites and Ishmaelites.
He was 32 when Serug was born and lived to the age of 239 (Genesis 11:20), according to the Masoretic text. The Septuagint and Samaritan Pentateuch state that his age on fathering Serug was 132, and the Septuagint thus gives age at death as 339.
The Book of Jubilees names his mother as Lomna of Shinar (10:28), and his wife as Ora, daughter of Ur Kesed (11:1). He is said to have been born at the time when the Tower of Babel was begun.

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  1. R

    Admissions No Data Available on my "check status" page for SULI

    I recently checked my SULI application status just out of curiosity today and I found that the page that leads to the login was down ( After a google search I found the login page and logged into my account but upon checking my status, it said that there was...
  2. Oods

    Programs 2019 REU/Summer Program Acceptance Thread

    I thought there would already be a thread for this by now, but there isn't so here we go! Post REU offers/acceptances and such here to help each other out :) Here's my list: Texas A&M Cyclotron - Accepted 2/22 Duke TUNL (first round offers scheduled to be sent out 2/25) UChicago for Women &...
  3. astroman707

    Admissions Phyics REU personal statement critiques?

    I just finished my personal statement for physics REU applications, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read it and give it some critiques or general advice. If accepted, this will be my first REU. I'm applying to 10 schools. Thanks! *** Physics never actually caught my eye until...
  4. AlphaLibrae

    Programs PhysicsREU statement

    Hello everyone, I am currently applying for physics REUs. I am looking for people who would help me proofread my essay and criticize it as much as you'd like please. Beginning It was my junior year of high school when I first harbored an interest for physics above other subjects. When I first...
  5. Z

    Programs SULI DoE Fall 2018 Acceptance Thread

    This thread is for the SULI internship for Fall 2018. The application deadline was May 30th and offers are given until around August 7th. Has anyone had any luck getting accepted to a lab? What labs did you apply to? When did you apply and how long did it take to receive an offer?
  6. L

    Programs 2018 REU and Summer Program Acceptance Thread

    It is that time of year again. Here's a space to check on acceptances for REU programs or other summer jobs. SULI and SURF come to mind. I imagine most of them will start coming by the end of the month. What are you waiting on? What are you excited for? What do you wish you had applied for? What...
  7. M

    Other REU Personal Statement Critique

    Hi all, I'm new to this site and have seen related discussions, so here goes. I haven't done research before, but I really would like to get into an REU this summer and I am applying to many. I would like constructive criticism on the rough draft of my personal statement please. Thanks in...
  8. arnbobo

    Schools Will a B in Linear Algebra hurt my grad school chances?

    I had a pretty tough schedule this semester, so I'm getting my first B. I otherwise wouldn't be too sad, but I hear Linear is pretty important in upper-level physics and astronomy. So, will this hurt my chances of getting into grad school? I am (was? rising sophomore) only a first-year, and I do...
  9. L

    Programs Looking for Advice for Next Round of REUs

    As march begins to wrap up, I'm realizing that I will probably spend the summer without an REU position. I realize as a freshman, I was probably too ambitious in my applications, nonetheless I do not want to make any of the same mistakes again. I have already compiled a spreadsheet of 20 REUs...
  10. C

    Programs REU Selection Assistance

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking awhile and reading other threads about REU acceptance, and realized this would be a great place to post my question, given that I really need insight from people who have done all of this before me. I'm in an odd situation. I was accepted into two...
  11. J

    Schools What would you do -- summer REU?

    So I applied to a few places for a summer REU internship for physics research. I got made an offer from Brown University and Notre Dame and am trying to decide between the two. Brown offers me research in marine geophysics/topology sort of stuff and a $3700 stipend. Notre dame offers me to...
  12. N

    Schools Math REUs 2017

    Please post results or questions on this Math Reu season. See last years discussion
  13. Finesagan

    Schools Physics REUs 2017

    I feel like it's about time we started this thread once again. Has anyone heard back from the schools they applied to? Furthermore, does anyone have questions about the REUs they have been accepted into?
  14. jennys

    Experience with Late SULI Letter of Recommendation?

    Has anyone had experience with applying for the SULI program with a professor submitting their recommendation late? I submitted and requested everything before the deadline, but one professor was late and her letter was refused. This was my top choice for the summer. I have a good GPA, 1.5 years...
  15. M

    Other Is it bad to not do an REU?

    So I've been apart of a research group for the ~1.5 years and am in the process of getting a paper published although I'll be 2nd or 3rd author. How much does it impact me if I don't do an REU? I'm currently a 3rd year student and I plan on graduating in 4 years.
  16. Finesagan

    Schools Physics REUs 2016

    How's everyone doing? Also, anyone hear back from the schools they applied to?
  17. N

    Schools Math REUs 2016

    Going off last years thread, 2016 math reu acceptances (or general discussion) Has anyone heard back yet?
  18. P115007

    REU Application Question

    Hi everybody, good to be here, but cutting to the chase I have a question that I would love to get some feedback on: I have an REU application 99% done, all I need to do is submit it, but I am not sure about one thing. The application requests for a "cover letter describing my interests in the...
  19. R

    REU applications with INC grade?

    I'm a sophomore physics major and I've been filling out some REU applications, but I have an INC (incomplete) grade from last semester because I couldn't take a final due to medical reasons. The class was completely fine and I likely have an A-/B+, but I have to wait to take next semester's...
  20. W

    Yet another read-my-REU-essay-please thread

    Hi guys! Like the title says, I'm applying for 10 astrophysics-related REUs, and I'm a frosh, so I have few other people to ask for guidance. Please let me know if this is a good baseline to add to. Thank you all in advance! Sitting in the middle of an abandoned lab, late on a Friday night...
  21. rwoo

    REU personal statement

    Hi all, I am applying for several REUs at the moment and it is my first time writing a science-focused personal statement. This is my second draft; my first one had a lot of "fluff." Any and all constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I have always been drawn to physics, but...
  22. Summer95

    REU Statements and what?

    I really want to start doing some undergraduate research (Physics major, Math minor, 2nd year of Physics classes starting now) and I have no idea what they want to hear from me in any personal statements. For example, one of them just asks "How do you think this research experience might further...
  23. M

    Schools University of Nebraska-Lincoln REU - advice?

    Hi there PF, I've been accepted to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's REU program, with my adviser being Dr. Angela Pannier. The project is: Nanostructured Thin Films as Biomaterial Interfaces for Enhanced Substrate-mediated Gene Delivery I'm a physics major, and DNA is not my thing, really...
  24. B

    Found out I received an offer to the Harvard SAO Astronomy REU

    Hello, Tonight, I received an email from the Harvard faculty that they wish to call me regarding their REU. I was incredibly excited, but I do not know what questions to ask. I am in total shock as I thought I would never believed I would have received an offer from Harvard of all places. What...
  25. B

    Found a mistake in REU personal statement

    Hello, On all my REU applications besides two or three, I was asked to describe my previous research. I did so, but I realized I referred to the hydrogen atom as the hydrogen molecule. I showed in the case of H2+ that we develop the standard potential energy curve for the hydrogen atom. I...
  26. H

    DoE/SULI acceptances?

    I applied to the DoE Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Internships for this summer. I chose PPPL as my first choice and LLNL as my second. Has anyone heard back from any lab yet? When should I expect to hear back? Thanks!
  27. A

    SULI Summer 2015

    Does anyone know how SULI's selection process works? On the application you list your top two choices for labs; does your application get sent to those two labs for the mentors to pick or is there some sort of prescreening by the DOE? Thanks.
  28. X

    Math REU with focus on topology/analysis

    I have been looking through the AMS and NSF websites for REUs. And I have found some in particular that I am interested in(UChicago, Cornell, SMALL, MAPS-REU), but it seems these are the only ones that have projects that deal with topology/analysis. Do any of you have any suggestions for REUs...
  29. A

    Is it frowned upon to take a week off of an REU?

    My family plans to go on vacation for one week starting the same day as an REU for which I very much would like to apply. I understand REUs typically have deadlines during the program, and the dates are usually planned out for everything. Is it common to take a week off of one? Also importantly...
  30. Jadenee

    Research experience for non-US undergrad?

    Just finished freshmen year of university, and I would really like to have some research experience at one point before graduation. Well, I should not have much problem getting into my school's research lab since professors here are always asking us to consider joining their lab. And I would...
  31. the potato one

    Programs REU Application: Recent major change

    Hello, all! I am a junior at a small-ish school, and I have just decided to change my major from a B.S. in physics education to a B.A. in physics. I have a strong physics background (All A's and one B+ in my physics classes, all A's in math), and I've taken all of the lower-level physics...