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Did space time be created at the Big Bang?

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    Did space time be created at the Big Bang, if it did, then theoretically, gravity would not be a fundamental force associated with the Big Bang and any events before the Big Bang would be undefined?
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    The Big Bang Theory is a theory of the evolution of the universe since one time after the singularity. The singularity is what you are referring to and the Big Bang Theory is silent about what that was and how it might have come about.

    There is no evidence for ANY of the many "creation theories" including those that are "bounce" theories. We have no idea how the universe came into being.

    At one Plank Time, all four of the fundamental forces were united into a single force, which eventually broke off one after another until there were four separate forces.

    "Before the big bang" is not a meaningful phrase inside of The Big Bang Theory.
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    What do you mean by "the singularity", I have recently realized that if the Universe is infinite then it must have always been, so what is "the singularity"?
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    If the extrapolate the math backwards you find that at what is called "t=0" or "the singularity" is the place where the model blows up and gives unphysical answers. That's the basis for the "one Plank Time later" on which the Big Bang Theory is based.

    Yes, if the universe is now infinite they it has to have always been infinite, but it is unknown whether or not this is the case. If it is finite, it is unbounded. That is, there is no center and no edge and according to current best estimates if it is finitely it is orders of magnitude larger than the Observable Universe.
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