Medical Dietary Supplement and Liver (Organ) Damage

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    I'm aware that excessive vitamins can cause liver damage. Too much Vitamin D can be harmful to the liver.

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    Thanks for the note on Vitamin D Astronuc. My wife's doctors have been trying to get her to take excessive amounts because her Vitamin D levels are under 30. However, not once have they warned us of the potential consequences of taking their recommended 5000 IU/day. Your note on too much Vitamin D inspired me to look at the Wikipedia article on it and the section on excessive Vitamin D intake was an eye opener.

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    Dietary supplements are completely unregulated by the FDA for either safety or efficacy:

    All the FDA does is make sure that dietary supplement manufacturers do not claim that their products treat specific diseases (even though plenty of others will make these claims).

    Furthermore, a recent study found that most dietary supplements contain material not listed on the label (some of which like soy, wheat or nuts can be harmful to people with allergies) and some don't even contain the active ingredient!

    Newmaster et al. 2013. DNA barcoding detects contamination and substitution in North American herbal products. BMC Medicine 11: 222. doi:10.1186/1741-7015-11-222
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    My last blood test showed that I have hypercalcemia, all my doctor did was check my thyroid (which is fine). But I don't take vitamin D supplements, I guess I need to ask him to check my vitamin D levels, thanks Borg!
  6. Astronuc

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    My daughter and I were advised to take Vitamin D supplement, but only on the order of 1000 IU/day, or less, and would take that every other day. I think 5000 IU/day is excessive and unnecessary.

    I knew about excessive Vitamin-D, from news story about walrus liver. Older walruses may have a diet such that they have high levels of Vit-D. It is possible to get hypervitaminosis from eating those livers.

    Hypervitaminosis is a possibility if one overdoes (or overdoses on) vitamins.
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    Where is walrus liver a popular dish? :)
  8. Astronuc

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