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Different types and kinds of storing fuels

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    Different types and kinds of storing fuels

    What will be the most dangerous way to store fuel if you must choose between gas / liquid.

    1 Liter of Methanol
    1 Liter of Hydrogen
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    dunno about how they store methanol, but hydrogen is surprisingly safe when u store it whether gas or liquid form. ur main concern would be leakages and modern technologies have solved this issue. as for flammability the good thing about a hydrogen spil out catching flames is that it burns upward unlike liquid fuels which spill stick to the ground and burn. that explains why there was some survivors in the hindenburg fire.(the hydrogen burned upwards)
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    From a safety perspective, hydrogen requires more effort to handle safely. If it is handled under pressure, the cylinder must be rented (monthly demurrage) or purchased outright, it must be secured safely with clamps, kept away from oxidizers (20 minute fire wall, I believe), requires a pressure regulator specific for hydrogen. Non-sparking tools should be used to attach regulators. For only a liter of gas, a lecture bottle can be used. These are sold with the hydrogen and raise the cost of this minor amount of hydrogen significantly. Disposal of the empty lecture (small) cylinder should be done according to a safety plan that renders the cylinder inert and all markings must be removed, etc...

    Methanol on the other hand only requires a metal can or glass bottle and a flammable cabinet. The usual MSDS, safety plan, right to know training, etc applies to both hydrogen and methanol.

    A liter of methanol contains much more energy than a liter of hydrogen gas at 1 atmosphere and so the methanol can cause much more damage in an "event".

    If you are asking about a liter of liquid hydrogen, multiply the danger and effort by a factor of about 100 for safe handling. In that case, methanol is orders of magnitude the much safer option.
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    How about huge hydrogen and oxygen storage tanks. How will that be treated?

    Then will hydrogen become a liquid and how can that be done, will it require the same process that LPG?
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    well oxygen and their fuels are stored on space shuttles in different chambers! so i don't quite get ur question jacques!.
    As for hydrogen it becomes liquid under pressure, that's one way to store it efficiently.
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    No it’s ok, I wasn’t so 100% sure about then you store gasses. So then NASA stores their Hydrogen and Oxygen, wont that hold a high risk of exploding?
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