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Different Ways of Trapping A Single Atom?

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    What are the different ways that have been used to keep a single atom in a specific location?
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    Magnetic fields are probably the most useful way.
    Then again an atom can easily be well locked into a specific location within a larger structure such as a crystal.
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    This makes no sense because it is impossible.
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    Can you please elaborate?
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    A Bose-Einstein Condensate keeps many atoms in specific locations by means of wave harmonics and laser cooling. Semiconductors use atoms "arranged" in a crystal lattice like rootone mentioned. Magnetic confinement is used to contain antimatter, because if it comes in contact with normal atoms... Boom! As far as a "single atom" being isolated from any other atoms, I can't think of any good examples.
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    Nothing more to say about the reply of jerromyon: Thanks. You expressed it perfectly. Just one little critics: If there is a good example for a single paricle quantum mechanics is gone to heaven..
    To anyone: I recommend "Feynman", part 3 for the basic understaning.
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