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Dirac's Coupling to an electromagnetic field and schroedingers

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    i just read this article,which discussed about getting the Schroedinger's equation for a particle in a em field by transforming the psi, http://www.vttoth.com/gauge.htm .can anyone plz tell me if we can get the dirac's equation for a particle in a em field by transforming the psi
    thanks in advance!!!!
    bashyam govindhan
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    As far as I know, the same calculations can be made for the Dirac Hamiltonian.
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    That webpage is a bit complicated. To put the EM interaction into any QM wave equation
    (Schrodinger or Dirac) the substitution del-->del-iqA works.
    The transformation of the psi is part of the gauge transformation which works if the form
    del-iqA is used.
    ( gave up on the latex.)
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