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Direction of Goldbach Partitions

  1. Aug 6, 2012 #1
    I have been investigating goldbach partitions for some time.
    One interesting observation I have been able to determine is concerning the "direction" of the goldbach partitions whether they are increasing or decreasing as 2N increases.

    To get an idea of this I constructed a function f(2N) where

    f(2N) = 1 if G[2N] - G[2N-2] > 0
    f(2N) = 0 if G[2N] - G[2N-2] = 0
    f(2N) = -1 if G[2N] - G[2N-2] < 0

    where G[2N] is the number of partitions for the even number 2N.

    I then generated a sequence of numbers f(2N) begining at 2N = 10 and finishing at 2N=75398
    [arbitrarily selected]. The sequence is then:


    I ran a program to determine a histogram of the number of occurences of the subsequences of the following form


    subsequence type
    No. of Occurences








    I have been trying to work out a descriptive name for this sequence. Any suggestions?

    The question then arises will a sequence generated from Hardy-Littlewoods equation
    for Goldbach partions be similar?

    Also , any comments on the histogram? Why the assymetric nature ?

    And why only these subsequences? I would have thought there would have been longer runs. Any ideas?

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    What exactly does 'x,1,x' mean? Are the two x's the same or independent? Either way, the count seems much too low. How can it be less than x,1,1,x?
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    Hi Haruspex:

    I am counting the number of consecutive runs of similar digits in the sequence. So the run x1x refers to either the subsequence 0,1,0, or 0,1,-1 or -1,1,0 or -1,1,-1.
    As another example the consecutive run of two positive ones viz x,1,1,x refers to the subsequences -1,1,1,0 or -1,1,1,-1 or 0,1,1,0 or 0,1,1,-1.

    All the counts are mutually exclusive, and add up to the correct number of digits [give or take one or two, as I am having problems with the start and end of the sequence]

    But the question remains why this particular pattern.

    Kind Regards
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